The incredibly high Chlorogenic Acid content in FORZA Green Coffee 2:2:1 makes the fat burners one of the purest, strongest and most effective Green Coffee products on the market. Chlorogenic Acid offers numerous important benefits for individuals trying to lose weight. The health-promoting substance helps to burn calories, reduces body fat percentage, lowers cholesterol and exerts an anti-diabetic effect by slowing the release of sugars into the bloodstream following a meal.

Chlorogenic Acid is found in raw unroasted green coffee beans. Roasting the beans breaks down this acid and therefore greatly diminishes the weight loss benefits of drinking regular roasted coffee. The pure extract that FORZA uses in its green coffee diet pills is never roasted and, as a result, the Chlorogenic Acid content is not sacrificed. While most Green Coffee extracts are only able to utilize between 20-40% of Chlorogenic Acid, FORZA uses an extract that contains 50% of the potent anti-oxidant substance. This makes Green Coffee 2:2:1 a much better value for the money than green coffee products that offer a lower percentage of Chlorogenic Acid.