Acai Berry 2:2:1 is a premium blend of Acai Berry, pure Caffeine and Resveratrol. Acai Berry is a powerful fruit that boasts one of the highest nutritional values in the world. Indigenous to the jungles of the Amazon rainforest, Acai Berry is a glossy purple fruit that is able to accelerate weight loss by improving metabolism, enhancing the digestion process and reducing appetite. It is overflowing with anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, plant sterols, amino acids and important vitamins that work together to promote an overall improvement in weight, health and vitality.

African Mango 2:2:1 offers an alternative to ‘fad’ dieting and does not require a demanding exercise routine to be effective. The West African super fruit is a potent source of soluble fiber which delays the stomach-emptying process and allows for a more gradual absorption of dietary sugar. This high fibre content is responsible for reducing fat cell growth, increasing fat breakdown, lowering cholesterol levels and removing dangerous triglycerides from the body.