FORZA Capsicum 2:2:1 is currently in development and will be the latest addition to FORZA’s hugely popular Healthy Living range of weight loss products. FORZA Capsicum 2:2:1 will contain 200mg of Capsicum extract along with two new blends that are totally unique to FORZA. This will include DynamoBlend™, FORZA’s energy compound which includes Caffeine, Beta-Alanine and a powerful form of Vitamin B12, and PyroBlend™, a red hot mixture of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3, Black Pepper extract and Capsinoids that aims to raise body temperature and melt through fat reserves. Capsicum is a searing hot compound found in the seeds and flesh of heat-producing chilli peppers. Capsicum is what makes peppers burn when ingested and it is what will give FORZA’s newest diet pill its fat oxidizing and fat burning potential.