In modern business, interaction between company leaders and customers is vitally important. Furthermore, new research by Sitecore suggests that those leaders who are connected with their customers through digital communication enjoy a number of commercial benefits as a result. Unfortunately, many businesses are missing out on a great opportunity to interact with their audiences and improve the performance of their brands.

Despite the fact that digital tools, such as blogs and social media, have rapidly increased over the last few years, just 7% of company leaders have a personal online presence and are willing to engage in a two-way dialogue. FORZA Managing Director Lee Smith, on the other hand, has decided to take advantage of these new findings and has set up a communications platform in the form of a ‘Weekly Supplement’ on the company’s retail website.

Not only will this prevent FORZA from falling behind to companies with a successful online profile, it will also allow the firm to increase its lead over those companies failing to embrace digitally connected leadership. When asked his views regarding the commercial importance of the ‘personal touch’, Lee Smith said: “The responsibility of any corporate enterprise ultimately lies with the Managing Director or the CEO; the buck stops with him or her. As the world emerges into a modern digital age, transparent business procedures are paramount to the success of a multi-channel product or service-driven company.

“Highlighting the company’s senior management position regarding its opinions and proposed future plans is almost unavoidable in this information-hungry age. The responsibilities of highly self-regulated and passionate companies cannot be ignored and it is taking this approach that separates FORZA from its flagging competition.” Lee Smith’s newly-launched Weekly Supplement can be viewed here and provides FORZA customers, employees and shareholders as well as the wider public with a potential ‘hot line’ to the leader of the UK’s most respected food supplement brand.