A recent customer satisfaction survey has demonstrated the high level of success that users can expect to achieve from FORZA Aphrodite, an ultra-nourishing and protective hair, skin and nails formula. One woman, 45, from Manchester, stated that she noticed a significant reduction in split ends after just one week of using the beauty product. Another, 22, from London, admits that her skin has never been as smooth and hydrated as it is after using Aphrodite.

One customer, 30, from Bath, reported that Aphrodite has greatly improved her appearance so much that she insists that she will never stop using the product. While hugely impressive, responses like this are not surprising. Aphrodite contains a unique combination of 20 different vitamins, minerals, amino acids and anti-oxidants that complement each other perfectly to maximize their individual benefits and provide maximum nourishment and protection for fingernails, toenails, hair follicles and the lower dermal layer of the skin while also helping to maintain healthy connective tissue. The ingredients are delivered in capsule form directly into the bloodstream to support the interior building blocks that determine the outward appearance and beauty of the hair, skin and nails.