FORZA has today revealed the findings of a recent study of its Anger Management testosterone booster that was conducted at the FORZA Technology Centre. Increased testosterone levels are responsible for accelerated muscle growth and can improve the rate at which the body creates new tissues and fibres. The male hormone can provide significant gains in strength, power and endurance by enhancing glycogenolysis and infusing the muscles with much-needed energy. Three individuals were selected to participate in the recent study of Anger Management. Participant #1 had very little weightlifting experience, participant #2 had moderate weightlifting experience, and participant #3 had significant weightlifting experience.

All of the participants took the bodybuilding supplement as directed for a 2-week period. The results after 2 weeks were as follows:   - Participant #1 experienced a 62.5% increase in the total amount lifted. - Participant #2 experienced a 50% increase in the total amount lifted. - Participant #3 experienced a 25% increase in the total amount lifted.   The results show that immediate results are visible in those with very little or moderate experience, while those with a significant level of bodybuilding experience will need to commit to at least two weeks of continuous use before they can expect to see the full effects of the product.