FORZA Anger Management is an anabolic testosterone booster that stimulates the body’s natural production of testosterone. Its powerful hormone formula allows users to exert maximum strength, power and endurance so they can train twice as hard. Any good testosterone booster will also contain ingredients that perform the job of blocking estrogen. That’s because increasing the male hormone and inhibiting the female hormone is how testosterone boosters are able to double their effects.

One of the ingredients in Anger Management that performs an estrogen-blocking job is Chrysin. The passionflower extract helps to reduce the amount of control estrogen has over the brain. By limiting aromatase activity (the conversion of testosterone into estrogen), Chrysin is able to naturally increase testosterone levels, boost energy and allow more force to be exerted during physical exercise. Another estrogen-blocking ingredient is Saw Palmetto, which as well as decreasing levels of the female hormone in the body, is often used alongside pro-hormone supplements to prevent prostate irritation. Testosterone helps to accelerate muscle growth by increasing the rate at which the body creates new tissues and fibres. Testosterone is also able to dramatically reduce recovery times by allowing the body to assimilate more protein. These reasons, along with others, are why blocking estrogen is so important.