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FORZA Anger Management Sees Rise in British Military Sales

May 03, 2013

FORZA has today announced a significant increase in sales of its Anger Management testosterone booster to members of the British Army. The surge in sales to the British Forces Post Office (BFPO) suggests that more FORZA products are being used by the Armed Forces, which includes soldiers, sailors and airmen who are serving overseas. FORZA has been able to achieve this feat by ensuring that all of its products are completely safe and legal and that only high quality natural ingredients have been used in its sports nutrition formulas. As one of the most important anabolic compounds in the body, testosterone has the ability to accelerate muscle growth by increasing the rate at which the body creates new tissues and fibres. It can provide significant gains in strength, power and endurance by enhancing glycogenolysis and infusing the muscles with much-needed energy. FORZA Anger Management contains brute-force extracts that provide intense hormonal stimulation. These extracts stimulate the body’s natural production of testosterone levels and decrease estrogen levels. Having more control over the conversion of testosterone into estrogen helps this safe and effective testosterone booster double its effects. If the British Army is going to live by its motto of “Be the Best” then it makes perfect sense that its members use only the best in dietary supplementation.

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