• Research has revealed the five most popular body shapes of British men;
  • 42% are Rectangles, by far the most popular category - with a square and flat torso;
  • Next most popular are Ovals - 26% are overweight with excess fat evenly distributed over the upper frame;
  • 14% of men are triangles - their body goes out around the waist so their torso is triangle shaped;
  • Two most desirable categories are the Rhomboid  (13% of men) and the Inverted Triangle (5%) where there is tapering of the torso from the rib cage to the waist;
  • Research was carried out by Forza Supplements, Britain's leading health and wellbeing brand, which looked at the bodies of 2,000 men

The five shapes of modern man have been revealed - and the celebrities who share those shapes.

By far the most popular shape in Britain is the Rectangle - both David Beckham and Harry Styles fall into this group.

Four out of ten men (42%) are Rectangles - where the shape of the torso is fairly square and flat and there is no tapering as you reach the hips.

The second most popular shape is the Oval - the rotund James Corden, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Elton John are all in this group.

Just over a quarter of British men (26%) are Ovals - overweight and with the excess fat evenly distributed over the upper frame.

The third most popular shape is the triangle - where the man is a little larger around the middle.

Just under one in seven men (14%) fall into this category - which includes the Britain's Got Talent Judge David Walliams and the comedian Michael McIntyre.

The two most desirable body shapes for men are also the rarest and these both feature a widening of the torso around the rib cage so the upper frame is shaped like an upside down triangle.

The Rhomboid is the first of these categories - and 13% of British men have this shape including James Bond star Daniel Craig and the model David Gandy.

Men who are Rhomboids are thin, tend to work-out heavily in the gym and have a solid upper torso which is slightly wider around the ribs than the waist.

The most desirable shape of all is the Inverted Triangle - and just 5% of men have this shape.

This is where the body noticeably tapers from the shoulders down to the waist so that the upper body is a perfect inverted triangle.

Stars who have this shape include the sprinter Usain Bolt and the Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

The research was carried out by leading health and wellbeing firm Forza Supplements, which makes some of Britain's best-selling weight loss products and vitamins.

It looked at the figures of 2,000 men to come up with the most popular body shapes of men in Britain.

The explosion in obesity levels suggests that increasing numbers of men will become Ovals over the next decade.

Forza Supplements managing director Lee Smith said: "Most of us are Rectangles like Becks and Harry Styles, but we long to be an Inverted Triangle like Usain Bolt.

"There is little we can do to alter the basic frame that we are born with but there is lots we can do to improve our body shapes and move from being a Rectangle to a Rhomboid, for instance.

"Daniel Craig is a perfect example of man who has used conditioning and hard work to achieve his ambitions.

"The most striking part of our research was the grown in the number Ovals and Triangles.

"If the current surge in obesity levels continues at the current rates, Ovals could become British men's most popular body shape over the next 25 years."

Forza Supplements has developed weight loss and wellbeing plans for a number of British stars including Brirtain's Got Talent winner Richard Hadfield, formerly of the male singing group Collabro.

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