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Five Quick and Easy Exercise Tips

August 22, 2013

Increase the effectiveness of your workouts with these simple exercise tips:

Quick and easy exercise tips at the gym

1. Hit Two Birds with One Stone Save time at the gym by working out with dumbbells during your cardio session. Set the treadmill to a low pace and do one minute sets of bicep curls, tricep extensions, side and front laterals and shoulder presses while you walk. You only need to use light weights to experience the benefits of this complete body challenge.  

2. Make Your Workout Enjoyable Stick with exercises that you actually enjoy doing. Weight loss or muscle gain is not restricted to certain types of training or activities and the more enjoyable elements you can introduce into your workout the better. If squats or crunches aren’t for you then don’t do them. You will find that by sticking to programs that suit your own tastes you start looking forward to training and are less likely to skip sessions.  

3. Understand the Importance of Carbohydrate Fasting During periods of exercise, the body must find an energy source to fuel itself. If you have just eaten a meal high in carbohydrates, the body focuses on burning the resulting calories rather than shifting onto your fat reserves. Carb fasting prior to exercise will enhance weight loss and cause the body to burn more fat.  

4. Get Inspired To improve your motivation and state of mind, you should try to read blogs and articles that show the success stories of others. A strong source of inspiration can turn your whole life around, so just think of what it could do to your workouts.  

5. Take Part in High-Intensity Interval Exercises High-intensity interval training (i.e. concentrating on short bursts of movement at a high intensity) is the best way to optimise fat-burning. Adapting your workout to include this kind of training will help to maximise your weight loss results by boosting metabolism, increasing calorie expenditure and ensuring that the body burns fat at the fastest possible rate.

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