Popular UK magazine Women’s Fitness this week released its Ultimate 2-Week Fat Loss Diet, an eagerly anticipated publication which has been released in association with FORZA Supplements. This is your chance to get a sneak-peek.

Get your hottest body yet with these clever supplements. A healthy diet and fat-blasting workout plan is guaranteed to help you slim down and shape up, but if you really want to rev up your results then add these supplements to your hot-body arsenal and you’ll be strutting your stuff in no time.

Slim-Down Essentials: To boost your fat loss and put your results in the fast lane, try these great gym bag must-haves from FORZA Supplements. Raspberry Ketone 2:2:1 - This premium raspberry ketone diet complex is the UK’s best-selling weight loss supplement of 2013 and has developed a huge celebrity following. The natural fruit extract is a proven metabolism booster, helping to accelerate the body’s fat-burning process by stimulating energy and increasing body temperature. It is perfect for both short-term and long-term weight loss.

African Mango 2:2:1 - An extremely concentrated extract of African mango makes this a powerful appetite suppressant with an exotic twist. The tropical fruit contains various protein hormones that are capable of greatly restricting appetite, which explains why it has been used among the African people for centuries to keep hunger at bay during long and tiring hunting trips.

Green Coffee 2:2:1 - After breaking onto the American diet scene earlier this year, the green coffee bean has quickly become one of the UK’s most sought after food supplements. This is mainly due to its high chlorogenic acid content, which is thought to help reduce body fat, blood sugar levels and cholesterol without any change to your diet or exercise routine.

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