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Eating Al Desko Makes You Fat

December 23, 2013

If working through your lunch break wasn’t already depressing enough, then there’s more bad news according to a recent survey. Eating in front of your screen is also bad for your figure, with half of people polled admitting that they had piled on the pounds from doing so. This was largely caused by office workers munching on crisps, chocolate and fizzy drink at their desks rather than taking a proper break and eating healthier food.

Eating fast food on your desk at work is unuhealthy

Workers also admitted to using junk food as a ‘reward’ for working so hard and were more inclined to treat themselves with fattening foods rather than seek out healthy alternatives. The survey, conducted by UK diet firm FORZA Supplements, also found that the traditional lunch hour is very much a thing of the past. It was revealed that just 18% of office staff took a full hour for lunch every day, compared with 85% of staff ten years ago.

Around 40% of respondents had lunch at their desk every day and a further 20% said that they did this most days. Of those that did leave their desk, 20% took fewer than 15 minutes and the vast majority took no more than half an hour. Only 21% said that they never ate lunch at their desk. This could be explained by the fact that 58% of workers felt under pressure to work through their lunch breaks despite craving a rest. However, eating at your desk can cause serious weight gain.

Almost half of the people surveyed confessed that they were more likely to eat junk food at their desks. A whopping 60% regularly ate chocolate or crisps while guzzling fizzy drinks from office vending machines - and then felt guilty afterwards. The results came in a new survey from FORZA Supplements, which found that increasingly rushed work patterns were playing havoc with people’s diets.

Although homemade sandwiches were the most popular choice, more than a third of workers ate more than 1,200 calories during a typical working day when their lunch was combined with drinks, such as tea, coffee and coke, and vending machine snacks. A woman’s recommended daily calorie intake is 2,000 calories and it is 2,500 calories for a man. Lee Smith, Managing Director of FORZA Supplements, said: “Gone are the days when we would go out for lunch and socialise with workmates. “More of us are office bound and slaves to our computers.

Unfortunately, that is very bad news for diets because we haven’t got the time to seek out healthier, less calorific foods. “We are binging on crisps, chocolates and cans of coke. People are giving themselves these treats as a reward when they do something well at work or to break up the daily routine.” The survey also revealed the worst offenders for calories and fat when it comes to shop-bought sandwiches, with Pret, M&S and Caffè Nero ranking highly on the list. Lee Smith added: “Sandwiches are far more fattening than most people realise. Even those at outlets such as Pret, which rely on natural ingredients, can easily top 500 calories.  

REVEALED: The popular sandwiches that could cause you to pile on the pounds: Pret Swedish Meatball Hot Wrap: 674 calories / 17.6g saturated fat

Marks and Spencer Wensleydale and Carrot Chutney Sandwich: 515 calories / 12.6g saturated fat

Burger King Crispy Chicken Apple and Cranberry Fresh Salad Wrap: 490 calories / 6g saturated fat

Caffè Nero BLT Sandwich: 471 calories / 12.6g saturated fat

Subway Spicy Italian: 471 calories / 10.6g saturated fat

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