Holidays may be relaxing and rejuvenating but, according to the latest survey, they also make us fat. Over the summer break a whopping 86% of us put on weight, while 78% of people admit to being so horrified by their holiday snaps that they immediately go on a crash diet. The survey, conducted by leading UK supplement company FORZA, revealed that eight out of ten people will consciously try to lose weight before going on holiday because a staggering 94% of us feel under pressure to look good in our bikinis or swimming trunks.

Despite all of our pre-holiday slimming efforts, most people forget their normal diet rules while they are away, with 34% of holiday-makers putting on somewhere between 2-4lbs. It was also shown that 22% of us will put on between 4-6lbs, 7% of us will put on between 6-8lbs and 2% will put on more than 8lbs. This is hardly surprising when four out of five people say that they drink more alcohol than normal when on holiday and 67% say that they eat more too. According to the survey, a lot of this weight gain can be attributed to more visits to restaurants, selected by 39% of respondents as the biggest diet disaster.

Other reasons include all you can eat buffets, boredom, partying and ice creams. The most calorific holidays are all-inclusive breaks, chosen by 47% of respondents, followed by holidays abroad, breaks in the UK, cruises and ski trips. Lee Smith, Managing Director of Kent-based diet firm FORZA, said: “We’ve all got back from our holidays and been horrified by the pictures of us on the beach. “The camera never lies and those holiday horror snaps are the big trigger point for lots of people to go on a diet.

“The really dangerous thing about holiday snaps is that they are shared amongst friends and family - particularly through sites like Facebook. So everyone can see if you have piled on the pounds. “At FORZA we also see a surge in sales at this time of year as people get ready for the sun. Women want to look good in their bikinis and get in good shape before that first day on the beach. “We actually had a very happy customer get in touch with us recently after losing three stone in three months as a result of taking our products."