With the influx of New Year’s resolutions in full swing, dieters are experiencing a multitude of different factors affecting their ability to stay on the straight and narrow.

Stomach pain, in agony

FORZA recaps some of the biggest issues that dieters face when losing weight:  


You have restricted your calorie intake, swapped your favourite takeaway for a healthy alternative and reduced your portion sizes however you’re overcome with dreaded tiredness. This is a typical issue experienced by slimmers and unfortunately part of the dieter’s cycle as the body adjusts to fewer calories. FORZA’s weight management range including Raspberry K2 includes caffeine to help those on a diet power through their days.  


Depending on the type of dieter you are, you may experience severe hunger if you have stripped out snacking and reduced your portion sizes. It is important to note that this is normal as your body is adjusting from its old routine into your new routine. Some diet pills including Garcinia Cambogia are appetite suppressants which help to limit hunger when dieting.  


No one likes to change their normal routine, particularly when it means stripping out your favourite snacks. This common side effect can be lowered when dieting with a friend, experiences are shared and the process is no longer as daunting.  

Stress Setting yourself a target, working hard to achieve it and failing to reach it can be deflating to the best of us. This can lead to tensions running high and increasing anxiety which is never desirable when you have your efforts focused on weight loss. 5-HTP is a recognised supplement used by dieters to boost their serotonin level, which is often referred to as a ‘happy hormone’.  

Dieting isn't easy, if it was we would all achieve our goals without an issue. Bearing in mind some of the common issues experienced can help to limit their negative impact on your weight loss goals.