The practice of detoxification to rid the body of harmful toxins has been around for centuries. Not only does a detox cleanse and purify the body, it can enhance energy levels, speed up the metabolism, improve skin condition and kick start weight loss.

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There are lots of different detox supplements on the market as well as countless celebrity-endorsed detox diets, recipes and workouts. For many years, the most effective of these detox supplements has been colon cleansers. By combining natural herbal laxatives that have both purgative and astringent properties, a good quality colon cleanser can flush out the digestive system to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This process will also naturally lead to a flatter stomach, making colon cleansers a must-have when it comes to detox dieting.

Another way in which detox products can assist with weight loss is by removing excess fluid that is commonly stored by the body. At any one time, your body is carrying up to 10lbs of excess water. Many adults, especially women, suffer from this unhealthy accumulation of fluid, which can cause abdominal bloating, the swelling of limbs and feelings of soreness and exhaustion.

By supporting a healthy fluid balance in the body, an effective fluid relief system helps to ease the uncomfortable effects of water retention and can lead to visible weight loss results within a matter of hours. There are also a number of all-in-one detox products that nourish the body with the right nutrients and help to relieve some of the strain caused by overindulgence.

Excessive consumption of pollutants such as alcohol, nicotine, recreational drugs, caffeine and sugar can weaken the body so that it is not strong enough to perform all of its functions. So whether you regularly indulge in unhealthy substances or just feel weary and run down, a full body detox supplement can restore order within the body and gear the body up for a faster rate of weight loss. When used in conjunction with a low calorie diet and plenty of exercise, detox supplements can provide amazing results. It is no coincidence that detoxing is a method commonly used by celebrities to help drop weight quickly for a new film role or concert tour.