Winter…it’s cold, it’s damp and it’s quite simply one of the most awkward times of the year to start exercising. Sometimes even the mere thought of setting foot out of your car just to get to the gym in such cold temperatures seems like the most arduous of tasks. All in all with such an unappealing environment to go to the gym or for a walk in, it’s no wonder why you might not feel as motivated to achieve your step count goal.

For those who are new to the ‘Step Count’ phenomenon (where have you been?), it’s a non-intensive method in which to exercise with the aim of achieving 10,000 steps in a day.

Why 10,000 steps? Well to give you an idea, by walking 10,000 steps a day on average, you are burning 500 calories. If you are able to walk 10,000 steps each day, that accumulates to a total of approximately 3,500 calories burned in a week. With 3,500 calories being the number of calories in 1 pound of fat, you can see why so many people are opting for this low intensity work out.

The problem that many of us face with achieving such a high number of steps comes down to several factors; These mainly being: time and opportunity.

However fear not, because we’ve come up with a few creative ways for you to increase your step count without having to brave the elements. Even if you hate walking, these methods will trick you into achieving a higher step out during the cold of winter

First things first. Make sure you use a pedometer. Your pedometer counts the number of steps you take and some even give you a reminder or a little nudge to get you moving. Most smartphones now come with a pedometer but if yours doesn’t have one, there are plenty of apps you can download, or you can even purchase a wrist version.

  • Opt for the stairs instead of the elevator

It sounds obvious but use the stairs! Stairs are your best friend when it comes to gaining those additional steps. More to the point, climbing those stairs will work wonders on your glutes! Considering how the majority of the worlds elevators and escalators are found inside, there is no reason not to opt for the stairs. We’re not saying ‘start with the Empire State Building’ but start small and stay consistent.

 Fun fact- legendary Actor Carey Grant claimed that he never exercised a day in his life, but always avoided the elevator and took the stairs when the opportunity to do so presented itself.

  • Pace your house

Pacing your home in an evening after work will add that little bit extra towards your total step count if you haven’t achieved as many as you wanted to earlier in the day. If you’re in the kitchen and are waiting for a pan to boil, make sure you keep moving. Put some music on and have a little dance around. So long as you’re moving you’re burning calories!

  •  The Walkie Talkie

If you aren’t someone who naturally paces around whilst on the phone then maybe now is the time to become one. Walking around when you're on the phone is a fantastic distraction when it comes to your number of steps.

  • Head to the shops

Yes, get shopping! Shopping and running errands is the best way to get those steps up without even realising you’re doing so. Chances are that with all that retail therapy you’ll be carrying a few bags around with you. This will only intensify your steps and it won’t feel like a chore. Additional points for parking further away in the multistore car park.

  • Join an indoor recreational team

Many towns and gyms run indoor football, netball or other sports games all winter long. This way you can really get your steps in, and you may make some new friends!

  • Keep a step journal

A lot of the time tracking your progress can be the motivation you need to keep going! Believe us, it becomes addictive.

If you’re really struggling to hit that 10,000 goal, start by adding 300 steps a day. It is still winter after all, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t hit the big 10,000. Let us know about your most creative ways to increase your step count on our Forever Forza Facebook and IG accounts!