• Study suggests statins could lower risk of death during heart bypass surgery
  • Suggested risk reduced by two thirds
  • Procedure diverts blood away from blocked & narrow arteries to improve blood and oxygen flow to the heart

A recent study has revealed that there is yet one more benefit of statins. This research shows that this statins can reduce the person’s risk of dying during a heart bypass surgery. During a meeting at European Society of Anesthesiology’s Euroanaesthesia, a study was presented where the scientists had a look at data obtained from 16,000 individuals who had gone through a bypass operation. This is a procedure during which the blood is diverted around blocked or narrowed arties for the purpose of improving the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart. 


Study suggests additional benefit for statins, the cholesterol lowering prescription drug.

Not only this, but study of thousands of Britons showed that taking this cholesterol-lowering drug lowers the risk of dying soon after or during a heart bypass operation. The risk is reduced by 2/3 and it is believed that the protection seems to last. Scientists said that surgeons should consider putting patients on statins before they have their bypass surgery. Bypass patients who are taking statins have high chances of surviving during the surgery as compared to those who don’t take these drugs before the surgery.

From the University of Wisconsin, researcher Robert Sanders added that this survival rate is increased because statins have the ability to reduce inflammation. This means that they don’t lower the cholesterol, which was often assumed by people as the reason for increasing the survival rate. Sanders and his research team noted that roughly 85% of surgery patients are already taking statin before their heart surgery. He said that it is unknown as to why the 15% patients were not using statins.

The reasons can be that they have adverse effects or intolerance to the medications. Another reason can also be that they were never offered this drug by their physicians. Researchers found out that patients who are taking statins have 67% less chance of dying during the bypass operation. The risk of dying within 6 months after the operation is also reduced among the patients who use statin before their operation. Some other medications such as calcium channel blockers, alpha-2 agonists, ACE inhibitors and beta blocks do not have a similar effect as statins do. A similar study also showed that the most frequently prescribed statin drug called Simvastatin reduced the death probability by 77%. More data and research is required in order to determine whether all statins have an alike effect or not.

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