Over the last year alone Forza has worked with thousands of dieters to help them achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. We receive hundreds of emails from those that we have helped on their slimming journey and here we share with you one dieter’s tale. 

Before I lost weight portion sizes were a myth to me; I would pile as much food as I could to my plate and often go back for seconds. Not only did this lead to me piling on the pounds but it also left me feeling bloated and uncomfortably full. One of the first things I changed when I started losing weight was my portion sizes. At first I weighed everything out but this became too time-consuming and a bit of a nuisance! So how did I manage to control my portion sizes and not feel the need to overeat?

Plate Size One of the simplest but most effective ways that I controlled my portion sizes was by using smaller plates. Before I decided to go on a diet I was using large plates so I wasn’t just eating fatty foods, I was eating large portions of them! I decided to swap the large plates for small plates and the fatty food for healthy food. Although I was eating smaller portions, the food I was eating was a lot more filling and I didn’t feel the need for the huge meals I used to have.

Three meals a day I used to have a really bad habit of skipping breakfast and then overcompensating at lunch and dinner. A normal lunch for me would consist of a panini and a packet of crisps and then dinner was normally a takeaway. I was also the worst for snacking and would easily get through half a pack of biscuits before dinnertime. My diet had no structure to it and I was eating all the wrong foods. When I decided to lose weight, I started having three healthy, balanced meals a day. Now If I want a snack I have a piece of fruit or a low-fat yoghurt. I began to feel so much better and had much more energy than before. I also will have my Forza Raspberry K2 capsules, one after breakfast and one after lunch. These help suppress my appetite and make sure I don’t keep snacking throughout the day!

Planning my meals Losing weight for me is all about routine, if I plan all my meals I am less likely to fall of the wagon. If I was making a chicken and pasta salad, I would work out how much chicken and pasta I needed and what vegetables I was going to have. I felt more in control and looked forward to preparing my meals. Now at the start of every week I plan the meals I am going to eat which is great and means that I am always guaranteed a healthy meal!

Eating more slowly After big meals I usually found myself feeling really bloated, this wasn’t only because the meals were so big but because I ate them so quickly. So now I make sure not only that my meals are smaller but that I eat them more slowly. This helps with digestion and doesn’t leave me feeling uncomfortably full. I also make sure that I drink plenty of water before and after I eat, this not only helps with digestion but makes sure I don’t feel so hungry all the time like I used to.

It seems like a small change but making my portion sizes smaller has made a massive change to my diet. Smaller, healthier meals leave me feeling a lot fuller and mean that I’m less likely to snack on sweet treats like I used to. My friends have also started following my lead and say they can’t believe the difference it has made. For me, losing weight isn’t about making one big change but lots of little changes.

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Portion Sizes Around the World
America America has some of the biggest portion sizes in the world! Tourists are often shocked by how big the meals are. It is estimated that the portion sizes in America are nearly three times bigger than those in France.
France The French are known worldwide for their small portion sizes. The food served in France is often rich in flavour which means that people do not need a lot of it. The small portion sizes obviously work as France has one of the lowest obesity rates in Europe.
Italy They might love their pasta but the Italians have one of the lowest obesity rates in Europe. Like the French, the Italians enjoy good food but in small portions. They have simple but nutritious meals which is why most Italians are in good shape!
Japan The Japanese are known to have some of the smallest portion sizes in the world. They consume significantly less calories than their Western counterparts and their diet consists mostly of fish and vegetables.
United Kingdom Portion size in Britain is said to have doubled in the last twenty years or so and we are now piling more on to our plates than ever before!  The NHS generated the ‘Eatwell Plate’ to show Brits how much they should be eating each day.