Skipping - Cheap and effective fitness accessories

Jump rope

Using a jump rope as a home-gym accessory is perfect for summer mornings or small garden spaces. Jumping rope burns around 14 calories per minute, working your arms, legs and shoulders. It also doesn’t take long to reap the rewards of skipping too! With the potential to burn over 200 calories in a 10-minute session when skipping 15-20 minutes each day you can burn around 1000 extra calories per week!


Resistance bands for a cheap and effective workout

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are extremely cost effective with most coming in at under £10. Whether you are beginning to work out or have been working out for years, resistance bands come in a variety of different resistances. Use resistance bands to increase the intensity of an exercise on a machine at the gym or to use your own weight as a workout tool at home, they hugely benefit a workout without costing a fortune. Being small also, they won’t take up a lot of room within the home, resistance bands are incredibly simple but will work your muscles extremely effectively.


gym towels for cheap and effective fitness accessories

An Exercise Mat

Although you can workout anywhere within your home, an exercise mat provides a space where you are free to focus on your body and burn those calories. Whether it is yoga, floor exercises or simply for a better grip, an exercise mat can hugely benefit the impact of the workout on joints. The padding of the mat can protect your knees, elbows and tailbone during a floor workout, as well as keeping flooring clean from sweat. It can again be folded up and hidden away without taking up a lot of room.


kettlebells for cheap and effective fitness accessories


A kettlebell is a great tool for a high impact full body workout both at home and the gym. Use kettlebells for squats, arm exercises and for a great workout in smaller spaces. When you exercise with kettlebells, your heart rate increases quickly, and you can burn up to 20 calories per minute depending on how intense your workout is. Although it provides a fantastic workout, it is a lot more convenient than having a bench in your living room. With kettlebells you only need one weight in order to re create the same kind of heart rate increase than you would get in a 5-minute run.


weighted wrist bands for cheap and effective weight loss

Weighted Wrist Bands

If you enjoy walking for exercise, using weighted wrist or ankle bands can help you burn more calories in the same amount of time, much like carrying a weighted backpack would. The main purpose of wrist weights is to increase the resistance, which in turn increases the challenge and the benefits. They do not need to be heavy, however, just one to three pounds on each wrist can effectively boost the intensity of a workout by up to 15%.


gym towel for cheap and effective weight loss

Gym Towel

This is a necessity for the gym, but if you are working out at home hygiene is still very important. Keeping a towel nearby while working out can help to reduce sweat dripping and help you to keep cooler while working out, as well to keep accessories clean.


Large Water Bottle

A large water bottle can really help to improve water intake during the day, not just during exercise. Getting used to carrying around a water bottle will change habits and overall the greater intake of water will improve not only fatigue, energy levels and hydration but improve the appearance of your skin, reduce hunger and make you feel fantastic! Staying hydrated during a workout is essential to power through, so keep one close.