So it's been 10 days since I left Celebrity Big Brother and a lot of you want to know my thoughts and views on the goings on in the house.
So I am really excited to be doing a daily blog for Forza's website. So here goes!

Favourite Moment

When Katie had the rule book out for Perez to take to the diary. This really made me laugh as he used to sleep with the rule book next to his bed when I was in the house. Perez has read that rule book more times than the Pope has read the bible. 

Katie Hopkins (left) offers Perez (right) the Big Brother rule book.

Worst Bit

The worst bit for me was when Cami got called the most untrustworthy person in the task. Cami is the most honest and genuine person in the house. I feel she only got this title because of her friendship with Calum in the house. Cami has a boyfriend on the outside. Calum, Cami and I spent a lot of time together in there as we were the 3 youngest. Naturally when I left they became closer.  

Funniest Moment

The funniest moment was when Perez got caught out in the task, when a tweet was exposed with what he has previously said about playing a game and his friendship with Nadia being fake. I have never seen Perez look so scared and then when Big Brother explained that the tweet was real he didn't know what to do with himself.

Perez (left) talking to Nadia (right) in the snug after the 'fake' tweet was read to the house.  

Cringiest Bit

Straight after the tweet about Perez explaining Nadia as a tool in his game, she didn't seem bothered and said to Perez "Don't worry I believe you". Has Nadia lost her balls since I've left the house?   Here is my rundown on all the other housemates from last night's episode:  


Calum seems to have come out of shell a bit more. I know he has been calm and kept his opinions to himself but there comes a time when you need to come out and say them. I feel his time is coming very soon.  


I would like to see the Cami I spent time with in the house. I am shocked of how little I have seen of her as she is so fun to be around.

Cami (pictured) has spent more time with Calum since I left.  

Katie Hopkins

She is a very prominent figure but I feel as a viewer she is more so than the rest of the housemates but when you are in there everyone has a very strong voice and isn't afraid to be outspoken. Katie has probably got the more airtime as when she is being outspoken it is very humorous and funny to watch.  

Katie Price

I was never in the house with Katie so I can only judge her as a viewer. I was very excited to hear she was going in upon my exit. I feel everyone expected boozy, party loving Jordan to enter the house. In my opinion we have the real Katie Price a calm, friendly, down to earth and loving mother to 5.

Katie Price (pictured) during last night's Celebrity Big Brother task.  


Kavana speaks a lot of sense in his judgement and views of the rest of the housemates but we don't get to see this as he overshadowed by bigger characters.  


CHEGGERSSSSS! He is a very funny man and is all round lovely. I would love him to speak up more and let everyone know his opinions on the housemates. He never states his opinion of people unless pushed.  


Michelle is the winner in my eyes. Unfortunately they are not showing as much as I would like to see of her. Michelle is fun, fair and strong.  


I feel Patsy just wants to leave the CBB which is fine by me as I do miss her lots.

Katie (centre), Callum (right) and Kavana (left) take part in CBB hacker's task.  


3 words. Attention seeking child  

Hero of the day!

Katie Hopkins for showing Perez the rule book  

Villain of the day!

Nadia grow a back bone!  

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