Advertisement for health clubs and elite gyms are absolutely everywhere, they boast some of the greatest in cutting-edge equipment, along with guarantees to flatten and tone your abs while helping you to burn calories and lose weight. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention the incredibly hefty subscription fee that comes at the end of it. But if you are prepared to train smart and hard you can effortlessly achieve all your personal fitness goals without ever needing to step one foot in a gym or even purchasing the latest and ‘greatest’ gym equipment. Use simple tools or household items in order to strengthen your muscles, perform bodyweight exercises, lose weight, burn calories, avoid gym memberships and be happy knowing that you didn’t empty the bank to achieve your personal fitness goals.

Burn calories and lose weight for free

Before you choose to fork out a small fortune on all the latest workout DVDs, why not consider the alternatives? We recommend logging online and searching the world wide web to discover thousands of free online video workouts. You may even wish to check out your television provider's on-demand section. Your television package may have a free exercise channel, which is great news for your wallet.

Switch up your daily commute

There is no denying that every day is filled with countless opportunities to burn calories and lose weight. Rather than driving to work, why not try taking your bicycle or walking? If you unfortunately live too far away to switch up your commuting options, why not try parking your car an extra street away from your office? This will provide you with two brisk walks throughout the day (from and to your car). When it’s lunchtime, why not talk a walk around the office, or go for a stroll nearby. The fresh air will do you good by clearing your mind and refresh you for the next half of the working day.

Choose the stairs every time

Whenever you have the opportunity, take the stairs. It may not seem like much, especially if the set of stairs is small, but it’s important to remember that each step is activating your leg and gluteal muscles. Some individuals will pay gym subscriptions to simply use the stairmaster, so avoid gym memberships and choose to walk up a real set of stairs instead. If you live or work on the 2nd floor of a building, choosing the stairs won’t provide you with the best workout ever, but it will be a far healthier choice. Don’t forget, taking the stairs every day will soon add up!

Make your home your personal gym

If you take six months of gym membership into consideration, you could use the same amount of money to fill a corner of your home or a specific room with affordable gym equipment. Popular auction websites are a great place to save even more money on used goods. granted, you won’t exactly have the same fancy equipment that your local gym has, but regular gym equipment will break you into a sweat just as much as expensive equipment. It does the exact same job! For less money!

Daily life activities

It’s important to remember that just simple things in life also help us to burn calories, such as:

  • Dancing - is capable of burning between 450 and 600 calories depending on how vigorously your groove is. So next time you get invited to a party, get on your dancing shoes!
  • Laughter - is not only fun and healthy for our mind (with thanks to the released hormone of serotonin), but a 15-minute stand-up comedy routine that you find amusing is capable of burning between 10 and 40 calories.
  • Shopping - Just an hours worth of shopping is able to burn 180 calories. And all those heavy bags can switch that 180 up to 260 calories.
  • Sex is known for being an alternative workout to visiting your local gym. A 30 minutes rumble under the covers can burn up to 160 calories.
  • Cleaning - There are always chores to be done around the house, so don’t be shy of grabbing the vacuum or feather duster because it can help to burn 110 calories for men and 95 calories for women.
  • Cooking - You may think cooking piles on the calories, but just a 30-minute dash around the kitchen, while preparing a meal and setting the table, can burn up to 100 calories.