When it comes to the gym are you scrambling for motivation? We have solution and its easier thank you think – it’s all about partnering up. Those who sweat together stay together so there’s already an added bonus here.

For many people, working out alone can seem a little daunting. But it doesn’t have to be when working out with a fitness buddy. Going to the gym with a partner has so many benefits involved!



Having someone next to you when you’re trying to finish that last mile on the treadmill is incredibly motivating. Not only can they cheer you on, they are likely to be experiencing the same exhaustion as you, therefore by completing your fitness goals together it can really help to spur each other on thus achieving more success.


Working Harder Together

Whether you are both working out on the rowing machines or taking turns to spot each other, there is always an element of competition in the air. By comparing yourself to your partner and their fitness level, this creates an element of competitiveness which helps to push yourself that little bit further. Additionally, working out together also helps to keep your technique in check as your partner will be the first one to point it out and help you improve.



A large part of exercising is the social gain. Who ever said working out should be done in silence is wrong. Working out with your friends or in groups not only increases your endorphin levels but enables you to catch up with your friends and opens up opportunity to meet new people, something you might normally find difficult to squeeze into your busy schedule. 


Overall, it's clear that there are many perks of working out with a buddy so why not give these moves a go: 

  • Mountain Climbers/Sit-Up Combo
  • Medicine Ball - Squat With Rotational Pass
  • Sit-Up With Shoulder Tap 
  • Wheel Barrow Push-Up With Squat 
  • Reach and Touch Plank


For more information on how to perform some of these workouts, download a FREE copy of our 12 Minute HIIT Workout eBook now.