• Frantic shopping akin to that in the US
  • Sales expected to top £518m
  • Biggest ecommerce and retail stores mirroring American tradition

As we near the end of Black Friday, many of us are still scratching our heads as to what has occurred today.

Sales are expected to top £518,000,000 within the 24 hours, with £360,000 a minute being spent every minute. Black Friday is the day associated with retailers slashing the price of their products, just after Thanksgivings in the US. Industry figures suggest that it is aptly named as it is the day that retailers make a profit. Events during the day included websites crashing, six hours queuing to make a purchase and even some hostile fighting kicking off in supermarkets. Retailers including Wamart's Asda, Tesco, Amazon, Curry's, Boots and Lloyd's Pharmacy have significantly lowered a number of their product lines for the day. 


So why has the US Black Friday tradition taken off in the UK?

For businesses there are obvious benefits; increased sales, increased word-of-mouth, and the ability to showcase products to a market that may not have trialled at its standard price. Having recently overcome a turbulent recession, retailers are looking for additional promotional opportunities to showcase their offering while providing customers with benefits too. For customers it presents an opportunity to clearly make some incredible savings just in time for Christmas.

After the success of this year's Black Friday it seems like this is set to be a regular event in the UK to drive business. But will savvy customers hold off their Christmas spending next year until the Black Friday events?

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