A new study conducted by UK diet experts FORZA Supplements has revealed that the majority of us binge when buying food in one go. Almost half of shoppers still buy their groceries in one big weekly shop, and new research shows that it is making us fat. Just under two thirds of people (64%) admitted bingeing for up to three days after buying their food all in one go and felt that they were far more likely to snack on fattening foods like crisps and biscuits if their shelves were full.

Shopping with a full cart at grocery store

Far from being killed by convenience stores, the Big Weekly Shop is still a regular part of 56% of people’s routines. The main reason it continues to thrive is because of the growth in online supermarket shopping, with 38% of us now ordering groceries over the internet. The study revealed that the act of buying food alone makes 84% of us hungry, with almost a third of people (32%) tucking in as soon as the groceries arrive at home - snacking on treats as they unload the bags.

A further 21% admitted to snacking while actually doing their weekly shop in the supermarket, and then paying for the partially eaten items at the tills. And it seems we are aware that bulk buying our food for the week is not helping our waistline. Nearly half  of people (44%) have at some point deliberately avoided doing a Big Weekly Shop to lose weight because they knew they would eat less if they bought smaller quantities of food regularly. It proves that the enduring truth of the first rule of dieting: if it is not in the house, you can't eat it.

Almost a third of respondents (32%) said the introduction of online shopping by supermarkets had permanently changed the way they buy food. The most popular sum spent was £50 - though a third of us spend more than £100 a week online with supermarkets. Managing Director of FORZA Supplements, who conducted the study, Lee Smith said: “All good dieters know that the key to losing weight is to remove temptation. “That is why the Big Weekly shop is a dieting disaster for so many people, particularly vulnerable are working parents who are forced by time pressures to buy their groceries in one go. They inevitably have lots of food in the house with children to feed. “It is easier for singles and people without kids who are far more likely to buy their food regularly and keep their shelves as bare as they dare without leading a life of total deprivation.

“Most dieters avoid the Big Weekly Shop because they know how vulnerable they are to temptation. “Like 64% of us, they know they will start bingeing on food if there are lots of lovely things in the fridge. “A safer option for many people is to buy only what they need every few days at convenience stores. Obviously that presents new temptations every time you walk into a shop. “There is no easy answer.”