Flabby arms, bingo wings or dinner lady arms; whatever you call them, we have a series of exercises that will banish these for good. Ian Guildford, FORZA personal trainer to the stars who has whipped Luisa Zissman, Casey Batchelor and Frankie Essex in to shape has developed a fitness plan to rid your bingo wings.

Best Exercise For Bingo Wings and how to get rid of them

For each exercise we have recommended 10 reps, you may feel that this too much to begin with so start slowly and build up to this.

1. Bench dips Using a stable chair, grip the edge with your hands and gradually lower yourself towards the ground. On each decline and elevation to the starting position, you should feel your triceps (back of your arms) pull and tighten. 10 reps  

2. Wall push up For this exercise find a wall and face towards it place your palms against it. Gradually bend your arms, moving your head towards the wall whilst lifting your heels off the floor. Push back from the wall to your starting position. 10 reps  

3. Press ups Lay on the floor face down, positioning your palms in line with your shoulders. Push up and extend your arms, lifting your body from the floor. Then gradually lower your body towards the floor, holding your weight just above touching the ground. 10 reps

Think that's it? We've not even started yet! This is only part one of our best exercises to rid your bingo wings. Start with this starter programme and watch out for our more advanced plans for taking this to the next level.