Beach body workouts offer a wide range of fitness programs for people with different fitness levels who want to lose weight or improve their fitness performance. They are really intense and great for getting into shape in in a short period of time. However, they require hard work and dedication to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and work harder than before. So without further ado, here is the list of 5 best beach body workout regimes.

1. P90X

P90X is probably the most famous beach body workout made of cardio, weight training and yoga. It lasts 3 months and you’ll have to work out 1 hour each day. Once completed, you’ll notice significant improvement in fat-loss, muscular gains and your physical performance.

2. Power 90

Power 90 is essentially the same as P90X, jut toned down a little. We can consider it a younger sibling or a program suitable for people that are not ready for P90X. The rules are still the same – 1 workout each day for 90 days. You’ll lose fat, gain muscle and have a healthier body.

3. Insanity

Insanity is definitely one of the best beach body workouts. It is ideal for people who need to lose weight and get lean muscles. However, this program is NOT for beginners. It consists of high-intensity cardio workouts and beginners will have a hard time following its intensity. People who manage to complete the program will be in the best shape of their life and have a lean and strong body.

4. Focus T25

Focus T25 is ideal for people who need to lose weight, but simply don’t have the time to exercise longer than 30 minutes. Each workout lasts only 25 minutes, but is packed with SERIOUSLY intense cardio workouts. It is similar, but even more intense than Insanity, so beginners should avoid it at all costs.

5. Ten Minute Trainer

Ten Minute Trainer is a program designed for beginners who want to improve their physical performance and lose weight. It consists of short, low-intensive workouts that all beginners can follow and is an ideal way to start being physically active. Once you complete this program you can choose advanced beach body workouts and completely transform your body in less than 6 months.

Best Beach Body Workout -- Final Thoughts

The best beach body workout is the one that fits your physical shape and needs perfectly. Regardless of the program you choose, prepare yourself for hard workouts that will leave you breathless and completely exhausted and arm yourself with motivation and proper nutrition.