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Bar snack Pork Scratchings the new low-fat super food

July 10, 2015

  • Pub bar snacks are changing perceptions with new low-fat options
  • Model David Gandy and Olympian Jade Jones are partial to the pub snack
  • Could pork scratchings be the hottest new superfood?

You'd be happy to find out that there's no longer a need to deprive yourself of delectable pub snacks in order to stay in shape. Most people have always assumed that eating pub snacks is out of the question if you are trying to maintain a healthy weight, but that's no longer necessarily true.

As a matter of fact, a pub favorite known as pork scratchings are being considered by many as the new low-fat super food. This is because scientists have created a whole new recipe that turns pork scratchings into a nutritious low-fat bar snack.

The new innovative recipe tastes just as good as the original, but contains far less salt and is 47% less fat. Since pork scratchings are made out of prime pork rind, one bag of them contains nearly 70% pure protein, so no wonder it's rising in popularity among active individuals and endurance athletes. They're becoming so popular these days that even big name models such as David Gandy and athletes such as Olympic Taekwondo gold medalist Jade Jones endorse these tasty bar snacks.

Bar snack, low-fat Pork Scratchings in a bowl

Pork scratchings are said to have originated as a staple among the working class in the West Midlands or Black Country during the Victorian age. Families were known to raise their own pigs in their homes and never wasted a single part of it when it came time for it to be slaughtered. Butchers soon realized how much people enjoyed snacking on these pork rind bites and began selling bags of them during the 1930's.

Today, it's estimated that there are 20 million bags of pork scratchings sold at supermarkets and in pubs located all around the world each year. The term “pork scratchings” is a term used predominantly here in the UK as they are known as simply pork rinds in the United States, while people from Quebec call them “Christ's ears” and those from Newfoundland refer to them as “schrunchions”. Could pork scratchings be the new superfood? Let us know what you think and leave a comment below!

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