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How To Avoid A Raspberry Ketone Trial Scam

November 07, 2014

  • Watchdog reported on diet pill trial scams
  • Scams costing customers on average £300
  • Initial free trial lures customers, then charged excessive amounts on bank statements
BBC consumer advice programme Watchdog recently investigated the growing issue of raspberry ketone trial scams that fleece unsuspecting customers of their hard earned cash. Companies offering Raspberry Ketone Fresh and Raspberry Ketone Blast are reportedly products to avoid with many customers finding out the hard way. FORZA has received numerous calls from upset and desperate customers looking for help. They have been caught up in these free raspberry ketone trials, eager to track down and get their trial purchases refunded.

Top tips for avoiding raspberry ketone trial scams

1. Research Does the company that you’re looking to purchase from make excessive weight loss claims and guarantee that you’ll lose weight using their products? Chances are the company are making illegal claims to lure you in without the product to back it up.  

2. Returns Policy All UK retailers are required to offer their customers the opportunity to return the products that they’ve purchased. Having this information displayed on the website is a clear sign that the retailer takes their responsibilities seriously.  

3. Recognised brand Do you recognise the brand? Does the company advertise in respected publications? Trusted organisations invest in their brand and advertise their products in well-known celebrity magazines and other highly regulated platforms.  

4. High Street presence If the product that you’re looking to purchase is available on the high street through the likes of Boots and Superdrug, you’re on to a winner. These retailers take their reputation seriously and only stock products that meet their high standards.  

5. Transparency Does the company display exactly what is in its products? Can you place orders by telephone? Diet pill scams typically hide their businesses to avoid being tracked down by relevant authorities. Do you feel comfortably providing them with your financial details? We certainly wouldn’t! 

FORZA Supplements is one company that ticks all the boxes above and more. Each product is developed to the highest standards, formulated to work effectively PLUS they’re insured for £10 million each. Leading celebrities trust FORZA to support their diet with the likes of Sam Faiers (The Only Way Is Essex), Binky Felstead (Made In Chelsea), Casey Batchelor (Celebrity Big Brother) and Frankie Essex (TOWIE) using the products. Raspberry K2 an innovative Raspberry Ketone product that is stocked in the likes of Boots and Superdrug is a revolutionary product designed to support the nation’s diets. You can find out more about FORZA Raspberry K2 and why UK celebrities are choosing FORZA over any other diet brand. Read more.

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