Phentra50 by Atom has been nicknamed ‘The Diet Accelerator’ for its ability to double users’ dieting efforts and help them achieve weight loss faster. The easy-to-swallow diet tablets will offer users several important weight loss benefits. The proprietary combination of ingredients helps burn fat, suppress appetite, increase energy and vitality, enhance cognitive performance and improve body composition. The ingredients have also received authorisation from the European Commission when it comes to making health claims. The authorised health claims that will enhance the credibility of the new Phentra50 weight loss product are as follows:  

- Phentra50 contributes to the normal metabolism of fatty acids.

- Phentra50 contributes to regular carbohydrate metabolism.

- Phentra50 contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.  

Upon release, the Phentra50 diet pills will be included in the Atom Diet & Weight Loss product range.