For quite some time now, Acai has been making the headlines as one of the healthiest foods on the planet and is regularly touted as the decade’s most incredible weight loss phenomenon. Of course, all of this media hype created the opportunity for scammers and swindlers to advertise so-called ‘miracle diet pills’ that drew in plenty of customers but delivered no results whatsoever.

Despite the large number of counterfeit Acai-based slimming products on the market, the Acai berry is real and an authentic dietary supplement that, when purchased through the right company, can be an extremely effective aid for weight loss while also leading to an overall improvement in health and vitality.  

What is the Acai Berry?  

Indigenous to the Amazon rainforest, Acai is a deep purple berry that is often referred to as the ‘super berry’ since it has one of the highest nutritional values in the world. In Brazil, the delicious little fruit has always been used as part of everyday life but is now growing in popularity in Europe and is finding its way into many different health products. This sudden rise to fame is mainly due to the fact that Acai is an incredibly rich source of amino acids, iron, fibre and Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E. While you are able to purchase fresh, frozen or dried Acai berries, it is most commonly available in either liquid or capsule form. It is strongly recommended that you purchase Acai capsules because you can consume a higher concentration of the fruit and it is easy to take consistently as part of your daily vitamin routine.  

What are the Realistic Benefits?  

More and more supplement specialists are releasing Acai-infused slimming products since discovering that the Acai berry is almost entirely comprised of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants have the ability to neutralise free radicals and reduce the damage caused by various unhealthy habits as well as increase the rate at which the body burns fat through enhanced thermogenesis. Anthocyanins are one such anti-oxidant and give Acai berries their rich purple colour as well as their reported ‘super powers’.

By protecting vital cells, improving brain function and producing various anti-aging effects, Acai has the ability to improve physical appearance as well as general health and vitality. With a healthier mind and body, it is much easier to reach your desired weight, build muscle or naturally increase overall energy levels. Another key benefit of supplementing with Acai is its ability to help rid your body of potentially harmful toxins. By flushing these toxins from the system, Acai gives the body a much-needed boost and allows it to function as efficiently as possible.

With this additional support, the body is able to lose weight faster than it would under normal circumstances. To experience even faster weight loss, you should use an effective Acai fat-burner in conjunction with a detoxifying colon cleanser. It is important to remember that while Acai has been confirmed as a genuine dietary supplement, it is not a miracle slimming pill that will magically blast away fat and nor is it a replacement for diet and exercise. However, what the ‘super berry’ will almost certainly do is magnify the results of dieting and make losing weight significantly easier.