Whether you’re a newbie or just in a bit of a workout rut, it always feels great to schedule in exercise around your busy summer plans. But how often do we get excited to go and workout? If you’re fed up of your usual yoga class and are looking to try something a little more fun, then why not grab a friend and have a laugh? You know you want to try a workout that's a little different!

Hula hoop classes

Break a sweat whilst bringing back some childhood nostalgia with this great exercise class! Participants work with a weighted hula hoop and dance to tone their waist, core and improve their balance. This workout is becoming more and more popular each day, so you’re bound to find a class in your local area.

This class is based on the concepts boxers use to keep fit. A typical boxing class may involve kicking punchbags, skipping, press ups, sit ups and hitting pads. Men and women of all ages and fitness standards can take part. If you do want to increase your fitness level, ensure you go three times a week and you will see the improvements in a couple of months!  
Fancy a high intensity, full body cardio workout? Try a trampolining fitness class! You will dance, sweat and have so much fun with your friend with intervals of jumping, bouncing, frogging and stomping in time to a great playlist. Also bouncing on a trampoline makes it a low-impact workout, which is great news for your joints.   
Always wanted to be a Rockstar? Now you can! POUND is a full body cardio-jam session inspired by the infectious, energising, and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums. Grab your drumsticks whilst combining cardio, conditioning and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements.
Did you ever do ballet as a kid and grew out of it? Barre is getting more and more popular in the fitness world, taking inspiration from traditional ballet classes. An average class promises to tone your body and burn fat, all while improving your motion and flexibility. You will sometimes get to use dumbbells and resistance bands to hold your body in certain positions to really feel the burn. Will you be trying it?
Boot camp
The term boot camp can conjure up images of a scary military man shouting at you to run faster and do more push ups, but most boot camp classes are not like that at all! A boot camp class with a group of people will keep you motivated – particularly when you’re running, doing squats, push ups and other high-intensity aerobic movements. Don’t be nervous – push yourself and go give this workout a try!