• Stamina is essential for marathons, football and endurance events
  • Achieving personal bests are often associated with increasing stamina

An increase in stamina is often the goal of those looking to improve their overall fitness for both endurance and continually improving their workouts day-to-day. 

Run, sweat and hard work pays off for a healthy lifestyle and life

How can you increase stamina?

1. Reduce rest periods Typically reducing rest time in between sets can help to build up stamina. Research has shown that men typically rest for 30-90 seconds between sets; working to reduce this rest period can have a significant impact on endurance.  

2. High-intensity fitness Incorporating high intensity fitness including fast-paced lifting can help to spur your metabolism, too much however can reverse this and slow your metabolism down.  

3. Break the routine Following the same routine, week after week, month after month is not only boring but also means that your body starts to get complacent and not push itself beyond the now considered norm. Incorporating something new and different to every training session makes the body work harder with the overall goal of going longer.  

4. Be explosive Adding explosive movements to your fitness programme can achieve some rewarding efforts in stamina. The explosiveness in movements challenges the body to use deeper reserves of energy, and combines with stamina and stamina can have positive effects for developing your stamina. Try adding burpees to your workout.

5. Pre-workout supplements  Some athletes and gym-goers use pre-workout supplements like FORZA T5 Super Strength to take their workouts to the next level. The intense formula is specifically designed to enhance exercise performances, with many users reporting that they’re able to achieve personal bests beyond what they have ever considered.  

FORZA fitness personal trainer to the stars Ian Guildford explains, “Stamina is often the unseen element in fitness but is often the driving force between success and failure.” “By improving your stamina by as little as 5%, you are increasingly more likely to achieve your fitness personal bests.” “It can be seen that by incorporating the right training package can have a significant effect on your endurance levels.”