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5 great ways to make everyday a FORZA day

October 21, 2014

1. Chocolate and Super 5-HTP It’s a well-known fact that women like to eat chocolate at certain times of the month, this is because it is thought to increase the happy hormone serotonin. Many FORZA customers use Super 5-HTP every month to help level off the raging hormones and keep anger at bay.

2. Sliced banana, low calorie porridge and 2 capsules of Raspberry K2 Raspberry K2 provides energy and appetite suppression whilst a single banana is 1 of your 5-a-day and contains potassium which is slow burning energy. Finally hot oatmeal for breakfast keeps you fuller for longer and staves off hunger pangs.

3. Strawberry LipoWhey after a lunch-time jog Ok so jogging at lunch time isn’t always practical if you don’t have a facility to shower after but people at bigger firms can. The LipoWhey will help to keep cholesterol low and the protein will provide valuable amino acids to keep your muscles trim as you tone up. The jog (or any light exercise) will strengthen your heart and make you feel more positive.

4. 1 litre of water and FORZA WaterFlow A common fact is that women retain more water (oedema) than men. This means that excess weight can be carried without any over eating. There are 2 ways to combat excess water retention. The first is to drink more water and get those kidneys flushing out the toxins. The second way is to try FORZA WaterFlow in your diet.

5. Prunes and PureCol OK, so this subject is a little unnecessary but laxative style products are available for the thousands of people that suffer from constipation. Whilst some people only suffer from time-to-time others are regular suffers. This means that a diet of fresh fruit such as prunes and a product like PureCol can soften the moment and help release the tension.

Remember: Look after your body every day and it would take care of you.

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