Got my supply of Raspberry K2 last night and whilst I was keen to pop the lid and try them out straight away, I decided that 6.30pm was probably a bit late in the day to be dropping a dose of caffeine into my body… with a busy day planned tomorrow a decent night’s sleep was going to be essential.

The alarm went off at 6.00am this morning so by 6.30am I was downstairs boiling the kettle.  Spotted my bottle of K2 in the kitchen and remembered today was the day I was getting a grip of my life, or at least my waistline. Excitedly opened the seal and was surprised by the nice sweet smell of raspberry. Other dietary supplements I’ve tried before have smelled of grass or worse, so this was a good start.

Two pearly pink capsules later, I headed off upstairs with my morning coffee, feeling quite triumphant that I was actually back on track; I’d turned that corner and taken the plunge.  Leading up to Christmas I’d felt I was in total control of my weight and had actually maintained a decent weight and dress size for the Christmas party season but as soon as 1st January came, I seemed to spiral back into old eating habits and couldn’t quite grasp back hold of a trigger to make me stop.

Now what to eat for breakfast? I thought about the advice to have a high protein slow-release breakfast like eggs but couldn’t face cooking them or turning up at work smelling of eggs so I rummaged in the cupboard for my porridge and decided that was probably the best option.  At least it would keep me away from the vending machine in work today… until lunchtime at least! Got to plan... got to plan meals in advance… got to know what I’ll eat for lunch before I leave for work so I won’t be tempted to buy a stodgy sandwich. As I looked around the kitchen for something to take as a healthy snack I spotted last night’s roast chicken left-overs. 

Normally, I’d have boxed that up in a tub to take to work, or slapped it on some bread with lashings of mayonnaise but the very thought of it make me feel yukky.  I wondered if the pills were starting to kick in already? Surely not, it’s only been 10 mins. By the time I was stepping into the shower I was feeling a wave of excitement and clearly a buzz starting to rise up through my stomach and chest. 

Yes, the pills were definitely working. As I showered I already started to feel positive about how I would look and feel in a months’ time, and then in three months’ time, I’d be just ready for the summer! Perfect timing. By the time I was drying my hair I was absolutely certain this was going to work, in my head I planned all the other changes I would make today… going back to Zumba class, writing a shopping list for a healthy trip to the supermarket tonight and swapping every other cup of coffee for a glass of water today. Half way through drying my hair, I put the hairdryer down and decided to go and get on the scales.

This was a moment I’d been dreading since January. I knew I’d put on weight, my clothes had been telling me so, but I had absolutely no idea just how much weight… I didn’t want to know…. Until now, now that I knew I could change it. 12 stone … Actually, that wasn’t too bad. I thought I’d gained a lot more than that. It had definitely felt a lot worse than that. Ok so I’ve put down the marker now, and feeling excited to be back in control. Looking forward to my first weigh-in next week!