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14 Weeks Until the UKBFF North East Championships

June 13, 2013

14 Weeks Until the UKBFF North East Championships

With 14 weeks of hard training and dieting still to go until the UKBFF North East Championships, everything is looking very positive and continuing to go according to plan. There have been plenty of ups and downs on my journey so far but my preparation has been fantastic and the support of my family has given me the strength mentally to take my progress to the next level. As well as the constant supply of sports nutrition supplements from FORZA BLACK, I have been coached through my training by my Dad who has used all of his bodybuilding knowledge and experience to help me achieve my goals. I now also train on a regular basis with four times British Bodybuilding Cahmpion Kev Taylor, which inspires me to train hard and succeed in my own class. See below:  

UKBFF North East Championships and Proteus pre-workout powder to fuel by forza


UKBFF North East Championships squat eight workout

  With the help of 3 big scoops (hardcore, I know!) of the Proteus pre-workout powder to fuel my training sessions, I have been able to improve my muscle tone and definition and am now starting to achieve that 'cut' and sculpted look on my abs that should more than impress the UKBFF judges.

I will keep you all posted with my pictures as I continue to progress, but now I have to get back to my training!



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