I'm a lean, mean machineChloe Goodman Body Blitz

It's just two weeks before I head off to Mallorca with the team from Forza to do my beach photoshoot. I've had an amazing time these last two months getting rid of the excesses caused by Celebrity Big Brother and making sure my body is in the kind of shape that makes me happy. I'm not going to say it has been easy but you can see the difference in the pictures posted on this blog. Not bad, if I say so myself. It has been great to have (future husband) Jordan spurring me on but there has been no magical formula which has got me this far: it all just about eating well, taking my Forza Supplements and (quite literally) working my ass off! The next two weeks are all about the muscle.

Chloe Goodman Diet

I really want to firm up before I get in front of the cameras in paradise. The definition in my legs and my behind is vastly improved and I now have a flat tummy - no jelly belly whatsoever! But I still need to do some more work on my abs to really toughen up.

I am 95% there in getting the kind of Victoria's Secret body I was aiming for when I started it out on this process. I am on a high protein diet for the next two weeks while I finish off my preparations.

Here's how I am refuelling: 

* 8am breakfast - two poached eggs with a slice of brown toast.

* One Raspberry K2 supplement.

* 40 minutes to 60 minutes at the gym - a high intensity work-out with lots of work on my abs.

* 1pm Forza Lipowhey shake - I'm loving these. They are like a full meal all on their own. I don't need anything more at lunch after one of these.

* A further Raspberry K2

* 6.30pm - a lamb shank with mashed carrots, sweet potato and broccoli. Some chocolate raisins. The new regime seems to be working and I can feel my body firming up all the time - just 5% to go. I can see the muscle coming through every day but thankfully I've still got my curves, too. I don't want to look like a body builder - just a model who is a lean, mean machine. Chloe Goodman Weight Loss     Chloe Goodman before body blitz

A big help these last few weeks has been having more regular meal times.

Previously Jordan and I would eat at all times of the day: we'd end up having dinner at 10pm because we were so busy socialising. Not any more. I'm having lots of early nights, sitting down for dinner no later than 6.30pm and living a life of such wholesome goodness Mother Teresa would be proud of me! It will all be worth it when you see my final pictures from Mallorca and my amazing body progression over the last three months.

I have to say a big thanks to the Forza team for all their help: I could not have done this without them. There is no doubt the Forza supplements accelerate the benefits of all this healthy living. They give you an added advantage - sometime natures does need a little bit of help. Forza really know how to help you get in shape for the summer in a healthy way - promoting real lifestyle change.       long soccer holiday Future husband (better known as the Scunthorpe United footballer Jordan Clarke) has broken up for the summer. He had his last game of the season on Sunday and is now off until early July. He's not one to slouch about with 8 weeks to kill, though he is having the occasional lie-in.

The first thing he did on his first proper day off was to join my gym. There is one rule we are going to stick to throughout the summer: he is banned from the gym when I am there. Jordan has the body of God and, though I am really happy with my shape at present, the site of him on the treadmill will just be a distraction.

Plus I know he will start telling me what to do and I'm not the type of girl who ever lets a fella get away with that! vegas here we come We are straight off to Vegas for an early Summer holiday as soon as I am back from Mallorca. We are going with lots of Jordan's footballer mates and Melissa Reeves from Ex On The Beach is coming, too. I'll be meeting with lovely Cami Li from Celebrity Big Brother, too. That all seems like several years ago now but it will be nice to catch up and have a good gossip.


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