With some luck you’ll recall that in last weeks blog post I made it your mission to abolish your offending lotions and potions and purge that make up case of yours?


Well, with a little more luck you’ll have actually done it instead of adding it to that ever expanding “to do list”. In the mean time here’s another task to take by the horns: The Wardrobe Audit.

Before you go food shopping you double check your veg draw to ensure you’re not about to double up on cabbage, right? So why not do the same with your wardrobe before you hit the shops for this seasons fashion splurge?

A messy and congested wardrobe makes for a stressful morning whilst trying to get dressed and out the door and could be to blame for the sad statistic that most of us are wearing only 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time.

We tend to refer back to our ‘old faithfuls’ week in and week out but wouldn’t it be nice to try something a little different? Dig deep for old and forgotten gems that could be bang on trend before you run into the arms of your favourite brands. The rest has simply got to go people! Follow these tips to ensure a happy wardrobe for sensible people:  

Put your ruthless cap on. Go on, I’m watching. DO IT. No time for second guessing here, you will need to try on absolutely everything you own and place them into 1 of 3 piles: Keep, throw, store. Under no circumstances will there be a “when I lose weight” pile or a “when 80’s neon disco fashion has a come back” pile. Unacceptable.

KEEP: Clothes should suit you on four levels – colour, style, fit and condition. The items you will want to keep are the ones that fit you well and make you feel great. If you can genuinely look at a garment and think, “this brings me joy” then keep it. If it is in any way ripped or stained then take a deep breath and discard it, no matter how good the fit or how sentimental.

If you don’t feel that you can be brutally honest with yourself then employ the talents of your most notoriously honest friend for the evening, ply them with wine and snacks (to soften the overly honest comments) and make an evening of it. They may even walk away with some of your unwanted garments that are perfect for them!

THROW: With exception to Grannies furs and other classics if you haven’t touched an item in over two years then it’s time to part ways. Throw away anything that doesn’t fit you, say a final fairwell to those hipster jeans and kiss them goodbye.

Research shows that women buy, on average, three items of clothing each year they know to be too small, as an incentive to diet. You know who you are and the madness must end! Bag up the garments that are in good condition and have clothes swaps with friends or donate them to a second hand shop. Always remember that your trash may be someone else’s treasure.

STORE: Winter coats, gloves, hats, boots, scarves, ski gear; you know the drill, anything winter related that you (hopefully) won’t be needing this Summer that can be stored away and de-clutter your wardrobe. Write a list of what you are packing and for God’s sake label the bags so you can easily pull it out if you need it at short notice. Breathe deeply, the cull has been completed and the tough part is over. Jolly well done to you!

Now you can analyse your season survivors hanging triumphantly in your wardrobe and make a list that will help you when replenishing your staple items such as t-shirts, jeans and underwear. You may also want to jot down a list of items you think your wardrobe might need, such as the seasons must have fashion spoils.

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Jennifer Jane is 34 years old and lives in London. As well as being a FORZA ambassador, make-up artist to the stars and a professional model she is also campaigning to help stem the rise of obesity in the UK. Jennifer is the face of FORZA’s new Multivitamin for Dieters, a capsule that supports any diet or eating regime by ensuring you get all the nutrients required when you are cutting calories. Find out more about Jennifer.