• Chloe has been inspired to get in shape by boyfriend Jordan Clarke, who plays for Scunthorpe United;
  • Model has been dating the hunk on and off for 18 months and they were reunited after Celebrity Big Brother;
  • Chloe is going on an intensive exercise regime to get a six pack 'like Jessica Ennis';
  • The Ex On The Beach star admits her 'jelly belly'  - loose skin at the bottom of her abdomen - has returned

Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Goodman has gone on a ten-week body blitz so she can be as 'ripped' as her footballer lover. The model has been inspired to really get in shape by Scunthorpe United star Jordan Clarke, 23, who she has been dating for the last 18 months. The couple have had a rocky on-and-off relationship but were reunited after CBB and have now bought a home together in Doncaster.

Chloe Goodman running

Chloe, 21, is using these amazing selfies of keep-fit fanatic Jordan to drive her on as she begins a gruelling exercise regime with a new trainer. She is keen to get rid of her muffin tops and ‘jelly belly’ - the loose skin around her lower abdomen - and get a six pack like Olympic gold medallist Jessica Ennis.

Chloe said: "Jordan is a keep fit fanatic and is understandably very proud of his body. He is in amazing shape and, as professional athlete, quite rightly strives for physical perfection. "I am going to really knuckle down and get seriously ripped like Jordan. I have been incredibly busy since CBB and it is difficult to always train as much as you would like.

"I've noticed that my muffin tops and 'jelly belly' have returned. I'm going to a iron those lumps out and get a body like a Victoria's Secret model."

Chloe has team up with the experts from diet firm Forza Supplements to get back into shape. She will be taking their new supplement, Multivitamin for Dieters, which makes sure your body gets all the nutrients it needs when you embark on a low-calorie diet.

Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson, 22, took the same supplement when she lost 17lbs in a month shortly after Christmas. Chloe, who previously starred in the MTV reality show Ex On The Beach, was pictured working out at the gym at the start of her new weight loss regime, showing that her dreaded 'jelly belly' had returned.

She said: "When I put on weight it goes straight to my hips and my lower belly. It means I quickly develop muffin tops and also have some pretty unsightly loose skin at the bottom of my tummy. "I am still in pretty good shape and I am proud of my body but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a little bit intimidating having a boyfriend in such great shape like Jordan.

"I see him coming out of the shower and think, 'I want a body like that.' "Well, now I am going to do something about it. "Jordan has not put me under any pressure at all to do this. He said: 'I love you just the way you are, babe. "I know from Jordan the work you need to put in to get the body of your dreams - and I am going to blitz it over the next two months so I am in great shape for the summer."

Chloe Goodman boyfriend

Chloe had previously lost 16lb in just four weeks in a pre-CBB blitz taking Forza Supplements' Raspberry K2 capsules - going down from 9st to 7st 12lb. Due to her recent work commitments her weight has crept up to 8st 7lb and she is planning to lose a stone to get to her ideal weight of 7st 7lb. More importantly she will turn all that excess fat into muscle. Chloe said: "It is going to be really hard work.

I am switching to a low fat diet with no red meat which is why I am taking Multivitamin for Dieters - it makes sure you get all the iron, calcium, zinc and vital vitamins you need when you are exercising heavily and fighting the fab. "I aim to have a great bikini body for the start of the summer - so I can show Jordan he is not the only one in the relationship who is seriously fit!"  

Chloe Goodman six-pack routine by trainer to the stars Ian Guildford:

30 secs 6 inch leg raise 30 secs flutter kicks 30 secs scissor kicks 30 sec in and out 25 secs recover Repeat the above for 15 secs each   2 x 30 secs single leg raise 30 secs recover 1 min both leg raise 45 secs recover 1 min alternating balance holds 30 secs rest 1 min alternating knee to elbow in high plank 30 secs recover 1 min oblique rotation in high plank 30 secs recover 1 min alternating knee to elbow in low plank 30 secs recover 30 secs core adduction 20 secs recover 30 secs bicycle runs 20 secs recover 30 secs Russian twists 20 secs recover 2 x 30 secs side plank 1 min high plank alternating leg raise 2 min pulse tucks high /low planks