You read a lot about trolls in the media these days. Nutters who go on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook spewing bile and trying to upset celebrities.

Some celebs let trolls get to them: I know stars who have been left in tears by the vile comments some saddoes post. Not me. I've got thicker skin. There is a simple way to handle trolls: ignore them.

They are just attention seekers who desperately want you to show that you are riled. Occasionally celebrities do bite back with devastating effect. Hats off to the BBC sports presenter Gabby Logan who humiliated her troll so effectively this week that he was forced to close his Twitter account.

She got some stick from a web designer called Glen Hughes who said that, as a woman, her views on football were irrelevant and she should  'get back in the kitchen.' Rather than ignoring Glen's sexism, she retweeted his sexist message to her 372,000 followers and brought a whole lot of well-justified abuse his way instead. Like all bullies, Glen didn't like it when someone stood up to him and he quickly killed his Twitter account - no doubt worried how all this fuss would affect his career. Good: he learned his lesson big style. Twitter is a lot of fun but some people forget that it is a public forum and tweeting the wrong thing when you are p***** or in a bad mood can have serious consequences. I just laugh at my trolls, particularly when they try to attack my relationship.

I am in a fantastic relationship now with the footballer Jordan Clarke, 23, who plays for Scunthorpe United having previously played for Coventry. He's a lovely fella, drop-dead-gorgeous and we have set up home together and have a little pet dog together in Harley. We are in love and are both committed to each other. That really upsets some sickoes on Twitter.

I'll be lying in bed with Jordan when I will get tweets from from Trolls saying: "Jordan is cheating on you now" or "Your boyfriend Jordan is with another girl." I could respond by sending a picture straight back of the two of us together - like the one here of us both with a face mask on (I applied his!) - but I don't like to give them that satisfaction. It will just encourage them to spread more lies. If you ignore them, they will move on to another star who might not be a thick-skinned as me.    

How celebrities go public with 'Insta-sham' fake pictures One of big stories in the news this week is how some celebrities are faking their pictures on social media sites like Instagram.

Several examples have been highlighted in the media of pictures which have clearly been airbrushed before being shared with fans and then compared with the 'real' pictures which still have all the wobbly bits showing.

It is being called 'Insta-sham' and you can read more about it on Mail Online here. Lauren Goodger has been accused of slimming down her holiday Instagram pictures. There were great pictures of Britney Spears taken on the same day in November last year - in the 'after' shot she looked considerably slimmed down. So am I guilty of the same practice? Absolutely not.

There is no way I am going to digitally alter a picture before sharing it with fans - creating a false impression. You won't find me airbrushing pictures so that I have less fat on my tummy, my jaw line is a little leaner or my muffin tops have mysteriously disappeared. To be honest, I am a bit of a technophobe so even if I did want to do it, I wouldn't know how.

Also, I would never lie to people who have taken the bother to follow me. They deserve the truth. Like any celeb, though, I want to look good. What I might do before sharing a picture on Instagram is use the light filters available to make the pictures as flattering as possible. There is nothing fake about that.

You can see the very subtle difference in the four images of me here - two are unfiltered whereas two have been filtered so protray me in a slightly more flattering light. My skin looks a little clearer in filtered pictures - there almost a 'porcelain' quality to it. It those kind of tweaks which is important to us girls! That is what I call sensibly controlling the images which you share with fans. It's no different to me telling the photographer at a shoot to change the angle of his lighting.

My body blitz

Check out the picture of the super-honed women in the white bikini. That picture is my obsession for the next two months. I want a body like that! Tomorrow is D-Day. I've got ten weeks to get the body of my dreams. I'm booked in for a photoshoot at a gorgeous villa in Majorca on May 22 and I have to be in perfect shape for the cameras. I have been working with the experts from Forza Supplements since last autumn.

They got me in great shape prior to Celebrity Big Brother. I lost 16lb in a month working with Forza's expert trainers and taking their best-selling Raspberry K2 capsules. It means I went on CBB  - where I knew I would be under scrutiny 24 hours a day in the bathroom and the bedroom - with a body I was proud of. I went down from 9st 2lb to 8st during an intense month of exercise and healthy eating just before entering the house.

I am now on a new programme with Forza to get even leaner for the summer - and achieve the perfect bikini body. It means that when I show my curves in Majorca at the end of May, I am going to have a body like a Victoria's Secret model. The hard work starts tomorrow with my first major training session.

I have the trainer organised, the diet plan arranged and a list of sessions booked which would leave Elle Macpherson gasping for air! I am going to taking Forza's new Multivitamin for Dieters throughout my body blitz. I saw that Marnie Simpson had lost 17lb in a month taking Multivitamin for Dieters earlier this year because she wanted a super slim body like her Geordie Shore co-stars Holly Hagan and Charlotte Crosby.

I am aiming to lose at least a stone in the next two months but also make sure that I turn a lot of the fat in my body into muscle. Multivitamin for Dieters is a vital part of my programme because it makes sure my body gets all the nutrients I need while it adjusts to a new low-fat regime with lots of exercise.

It has been especially created for women. I'll be cutting out red meat but it has lots of iron, so no problems there. It has zinc which helps to maintain healthy hair, skin and nails. It also has lots of Vitamin C which will keep my skin looking great. But the most important ingredient is biotin which helps with the breakdown of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. It helps you to get slimmer quicker! I'll report back in two weeks and show you how my new body is shaping up.    

Jeremy Clarkson got too big for his boots

Celebrity affects people in different ways. Some people actually become nicer because they are in the public eye. They realise that with fame comes responsibility and they are acutely aware that their actions are under scrutiny at all times.

For that reason, they go out of their way to be behave decently - they are polite and courteous not just when the cameras are rolling but all the time, even when they are dealing with people that might be not considered 'important.'

I don't think Jeremy Clarkson falls into this camp. He looks very much like one of those stars who has swallowed a 'diva pill.' It means he expects to be treated differently just because a few million people watch him on a BBC2 car show every week.

There are reports that he threw a tantrum with one of the Top Gear producers - the BBC described it as a 'fracas', whatever that is - and hit him because there was no catering laid on when they were filming in the North East.

It is still unclear exactly what happened during the incident. But this isn't the first time Clarkson has been in bother and he was already on a 'final warning' at the BBC due to his 'previous.' It seems obvious to me that Clarkson has got a bit too big for his boots. He has been famous for a long time and he has started to believe the hype.

Fame can make you a little bit more controlling and demanding - so that when there isn't food laid on the moment you want it, rather than just going out a buying your own food like any normal person would, you blame a lowly producer. I've seen my fair share of diva tantrums during my time in the public eye.

Obviously everyone saw how vile Perez Hilton was during Celebrity Big Brother because all his vile behaviour was captured on camera. What many people probably don't realise is that Perez was just as vile when the cameras were off, too. I remember on the final night popping into the ladies and finding one of the young female producers in tears. I asked her what was the matter and she replied with one word: "Perez." What a t*****!

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