With this week’s pictures of Kim Kardashian sporting a new bleached blonde hair do, the FORZA team has collated its top 5 celebrity hair don’ts.

Warning – these hair styles may seriously damage your appearance.

Kim Kardashian Ok, so Kim Kardashian's latest hairstyle took us by surprise and although it isn't a horrendous hair-do we feel that it's an extreme change. The reality star who is married to US rapper Kanye West unveiled her latest hair style via her Instagram account whilst having her colour applied in a Parisian salon.

Keith Lemon The alter ego of Leigh Francis, Keith Lemon has never been one to put effort into his "strawberry blonde" hair. The Celebrity Juice and Through The Keyhole host, uses his trademark locks to differentiate his onscreen persona from his real identify.

Britney Spears Britney Spears hairstyles have changed often over the years with some widely celebrated and that have missed the mark. Britney's notorious breakdown moment featured her dramatically shedding her iconic blonde locks.

Miley Cyrus Keen to shed her previous child actor tag, singer Miley Cyrus radically changed her hair style to reinforce her rock chick and kick ass appearance.

Russell Brand The former presenter and comedian Russell Brand's iconic hair is often as big as his ego.