Greetings from paradise.

Here's me and the future hubby enjoying a paddle on the beach in Egypt. It's a lovely picture, isn't it. Bit of alright..body-to-die-for...seriously scrummy - those phrases spring to mind. Oh yes...and I don't look too bad either! As I've said before, there is no point in me competing with Jordan in the body beautiful stakes. He is a professional athlete 24/7 and that all includes when we are away on our hols. He has been going to the gym every day while we sun ourselves in gorgeous Sharm el-Sheikh. Pre-season training starts for him at the end of June - and he wants to be superfit when he joins his team-mates at Scunthorpe United. But what about me? We are staying in every dieter's worst nightmare: an all-inclusive resort. It means there is a full banquet laid on for every meal you can put on a serious amount of weight if you are not careful.

So how am I keeping in shape?

Chloe shows how to have a good holiday without the guilt of an all inclusive holiday. Well, this is where Forza Supplements' Raspberry K2 capsules really come into their own. They are like willpower in a bottle and they definitely take the edge of your appetite when you are contemplating another trip to the buffet. They also give me a bit of added zip which means I have occasionally been joining Jordan at the gym and not spending the whole holiday sat on my butt. Other than that, I've been very careful with what I eat. I've been scoffing a lot of fruit which is great for rehydrating your body in the 40-degree heat we are experiencing here. And I have been downing more than 2 litres of water a day. I know it is hopelessly unrealistic to expect anyone else to do this but Jordan and I have laid off the booze while we have been here. I don't expect you to do that on your hols but it works for us, especially with the gorgeous one preparing for the new season. Fact is, it's been a crazy few weeks for us. Before Egypt we were in Las Vegas with his footie mates and that really was party central. I caught up with my old from Celebrity Big Brother there, Cami Li, and we had a hoot.

I'm on #TeamLauren

Lauren Goodger is getting a right kicking in the media over her comments on former beau Mark Wright. Poor old Lauren is being wrongly accused of being a crazy ex who simply cannot let go. Mark has fired up the row by attacking her on Twitter and saying she was trying to cash in on his wedding to ex-Corrie girl Michelle Keegan by talking about him in her column. I'm sorry, Mark, but I am firmly on #TeamLauren in this little Twitter spat. Lauren is happily settled with her very hunky new fella Jake McLean and has most definitely moved on since her split with Mark four years ago. It's not Lauren who is driving all this attention on Mark - it is the media. Mark badly needs to grow up and realise that he and Lauren are both part of the same game - it is called celebrity. Instead of whingeing about Lauren, I think he would be better off taking a tip from his beautiful bride Michelle Keegan who has kept a dignified silence throughout it all.  

Big Brother - the more nutters the better

It's great news that they have brought back some real Big Brother legends to liven things up in the house. I've had my run-ins with Helen Wood but they are well and truly in the past. We met up, patched things up and I think she is an absolute hoot. She is telly gold, too, and BB is so much better with her in the house. The same goes for Nikki Grahame. She is barking, yes - but that is why we love her and why she was such a fantastic housemate when she first appeared on the show. Brian Belo just happens to be one of the loveliest men in the world. He oozes warmth which is why he was a runaway winner of the show. All three have really shaken things up and put a rocket in the house when it was badly needed.

Love Island is one big yawn

I was really looking forward to Love Island but it is just not hacking it at present. There is a simple reason for that: it is like a pretty rubbish version of my old MTV show, Ex On The Beach. ITV obviously thought they were onto a winner ripping off Ex On The Beach. But it just isn't working. How about next time they do it with celebrities. You might also be interested in reading: ‘WORKING MY ASS OFF – NO JELLY BELLY WHATSOEVER! I’M A LEAN, MEAN MACHINE!’