When Sam Faiers stepped into the Celebrity Big Brother House last week, she flaunted her stunning new figure in a flattering white jumpsuit. The TOWIE star lost a staggering 23lbs in the build-up to the Channel 5 reality show, but not without hard work. The 23-year-old, who reveals that she had piled on weight by comfort eating when in a relationship, has lost almost two stone on a gruelling diet and exercise regime while also taking FORZA Raspberry K2.

Sam has slimmed down from 10st 2lbs at her peak to 8st 7lbs - losing three inches from her waist and shrinking from a size 10 to a size 8. Following a recent survey that pointed out how marriage makes you fat, Sam blamed her previous weight gain on the fact that she had enjoyed the ‘comfort’ of being in a relationship. Talking about her ex-boyfriend Joey Essex, Sam said: “He was super skinny and could eat what he wanted and not put on any weight. “It was completely different for me because the weight does quickly show on me. I've always had chubby cheeks and when I put on weight, it goes to my face, neck and tummy. My face goes a bit puffy.” She revealed that he trigger point that sparked her new healthier regime was the split with Joey and some bikini pictures of her taken in Marbella in the summer. She said: “I looked so horrible and didn't feel comfortable about my body at all. I remember seeing one picture of me eating a cheese sandwich and I just cried.

“I feel like I let myself go a little bit. It happens when you are in a relationship - it makes you put on weight. I was very comfortable in a relationship and I guess that affected my weight. “We'd both eat the same things and I'd end up putting on weight and he wouldn't. “My weak points were Chinese takeaways - particularly my favourite chicken chow mein - and crisps and biscuits. I could easily have three digestive biscuits with a cup of tea.” Sam’s new diet combined no carbs, little alcohol and punishing interval training three times a week with her personal trainer. She switched to healthier meals such as porridge, chicken salads and prawn stir-fries. “I gave myself a break over Christmas to indulge, but since then I’ve been taking FORZA Raspberry K2 supplement to push my weight loss even further. I’m also back at the gym three times a week working out using weights.”

FORZA Raspberry K2 is a fruit and vitamin weight loss blend that combines the natural fat-burning properties of raspberry with the bone support of vitamin K2, making it the perfect weight loss aid for women over the age of 30. The 5ft 6in star said: “If I start reaching for the biscuit tin or the crisps, I just take one of the FORZA Raspberry K2 capsules and it satisfies my craving.

They give me that little bit of extra help in getting in shape - they are like a diet in a bottle. “They are great when you are feeling a bit peckish in the hour before lunch or in the middle of the afternoon.” Sam - recently voted Best Bikini Body - is thrilled with her new figure. Speaking just before she went on Big Brother, Sam said: “I didn't need to lose a lot of weight - I just needed to tone up my body and put a bit of muscle on. I'll always be a curvy girl and I will never be skinny. I am quite happy with that.” Sam is 7-2 second favourite to win Celebrity Big Brother behind Made in Chelsea star Ollie Locke whose odds are 7-4.