One of the things that I love about the supplement industry is the fact that it is growing so rapidly as it means that we get to spend a lot of time researching where the next trend will take us. This week I attended the Internet Retailing Conference 2013 courtesy of Royal Mail and was able to observe some seriously big hitters in the world of retail. Kingpin at the event was Sir Stuart Rose, former CEO of M&S and current chairman of Ocado, who was once the prodigy of the retail god Phillip Green.

After listening to some of the keynote speakers at the event, it would seem that the wheels are now turning in a new direction. The message was clear: what will pure retailers do when all they have to offer is a low price?

As M&S, John Lewis and Tesco continue to grow, they are moving away from Amazon style platforms. The new retailer has a great online presence with rock bottom prices, a store people can actually go to and customer services to match.

The super retailers are starting to gain ground on the once total dominating Amazon and, as always, the tide is expected to turn quickly. M&S are even trialling a magic mirror in an Amsterdam store so that if one of their items is not in-store but is available online you can try the garment on virtually. Innovation is leading the charge and it would seem that bricks and mortar may have a use in the future of retail after all. As a branded product, we have begun working on a support package for our stockists.

This is currently in the form of an email update that lets the customer or buyer know where and when FORZA has been in the media, where we are advertising and what developments we have made. In 2014 there will be a portal where the user can arrange celebrity appearances, co-branded media releases and sponsorship opportunities as well as arrange for social media engagement.

This is the tip of the iceberg but will give you the gist of the marketing power FORZA is enhancing thanks to a well maintained advertising channel and a slick PR campaign. Congratulations are in order for Spencer Matthews who has just launched his blog on the Mail Online. He has been a great advocate of the FORZA brand. Also, we must give a thank you to Binky Felstead for giving FORZA credit for her weight loss in OK magazine this week.

Finally, and very happily, I am proud to announce that we have tied up a deal with Harrods for a special product launch of our Raspberry Ketone 2:2:1 in Knightsbridge’s legendry store. Have a great weekend.

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