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Kelly Brook: Not So Purrfect…Cats & Dogs the Next Obesity Crisis

November 03, 2014

Kelly Brook: Not So Purrfect…Cats & Dogs the Next Obesity Crisis

  • 58% of cats in the US overweight or obese
  • 53% of dogs reportedly overweight or obese in the US
  • Exercise and diet main contributors to crisis

Recent research has indicated that the size of our pets is increasing dramatically and could be an obesity crisis waiting to happen. Research conducted in the US has shown that last year, 58% of cats in the US were considered overweight or obese. The weight gain associated with moggies is considered to be down to their owners increasing their portion sizes. Additionally it has been reported that more and more owners prefer their pets to stay inside, therefore not burning the calories they are consuming. Weight loss is also required in dogs, with 53% of US pooches classed as overweight or obese. Many are not being walked daily, which not only affects their weight gain but can also affect their psychological (potentially running the risk of attacks).

Both of these startling figures unfortunately correlate with the US human obesity crisis, where 68% of adult Americans were classed overweight.

It is common sense, just like us our pets they need to follow a healthy diet programme of portion control and regular exercise. Without some radical changes to their pet’s lifestyle, it appears that the pet obesity crisis could become an epidemic.  

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