By James Moore   She is the sexy star of The Apprentice who is famous for her brilliant business brain and beautiful curves. But even gorgeous Luisa Zissman, who was runner-up on the BBC show, has body issues.

The sultry brunette, 26, who was so worried about her love handles that she got a flab-freezing treatment before her recent holiday in Marbella, where she went on to display her fab physique in a stunning gold bikini. Now, taking FORZA Raspberry Ketone combined with a healthier diet and regular workouts, the 8st 2lb star – who has a three-year-old daughter called Dixie – is feeling hotter than ever. She says: “I’m starting to feel happy with my body as I’m getting towards my target weight.” Here cupcake queen Luisa, who runs two eateries and is launching a new business called Bakers Toolkit, tells all about her diet and fitness regime.  

What do you usually eat and drink for breakfast? “I usually try to stick to something healthy, so porridge with blueberries and a cup of tea.”  

What do you typically choose for lunch? “I’m always busy, so I often have lunch on the go. I usually grab a chicken wrap but on special days I’ll get a Nando’s to have with my staff at The Baker Shop & Dixie’s.”  

What about dinner? “I love rice, so I tend to have a steamed fish, usually salmon, with rice and vegetables. I’ve got to treat myself to dessert and there are always cakes in my house, so usually one of those.”  

What are your favourite drinks? “I am a sucker for a nice glass of wine in the sunshine and I love Pornstar Martinis.”  

What do you usually snack on through the day? “I’m a snacker at heart so I’ll usually pick at anything that’s around me. But when I take FORZA Raspberry Ketones in the morning and afternoon, my snacking habits are curbed. They are like willpower in pill form.”  

What food is your guilty pleasure? “I love the cupcakes from my shop. The raspberry cheesecake is one of my favourite flavours.”  

You’ve talked about trying lots of different diets. What’s your general philosophy to food and drink now? “I do try to eat healthily and exercise but I know that with my busy schedule, there’s not always the time and you do things out of convenience.”  

If you have a ready meal, what would it be? “I never eat ready meals – especially not after the horse meat scare!”  

How do you keep fit? “I have a personal trainer, who I train with three times a week.”  

The Verdict Top nutritionist Nigel Denby from says: “Luisa’s meal choices are fine. She has a good breakfast and a nice balance of proteins and carbs at dinner time. Porridge is good, as oats give energy that releases slowly – and she avoids ready meals that contain high levels of salt and saturated fats. She perhaps just needs a little more structure to her eating.”