• Rita Awful - how she looked like a SL** on Oscars night. 
  • Amy Willerton - you looked like a giant marshmallow.
  • Lady Gaga - you can come around and clean my toilet any time. 

Tit tape and no visible panty lines - how to look good on the red carpet

We are right in the thick of the awards season and I love looking at the pix of the Hollywood A-listers on the red carpet. I'll get round to just who were the big hits and misses of the Oscars lower down, but first a few tips on how to look great on a big night out.


You'll never see me with a VPL (visible panty line). They are the naffest things in the world. That means I end up going to a lot of celebrity dos completely commando - ie with no knickers. I remember going to the Celebrity Big Brother wrap party earlier this month at the Cafe de Paris in London. I was wearing this gorgeous white dress from my new collection and there was banks of paparazzi waiting for me when I got out of the car.

I was with my manager Craig and he kept reminding me in the car: "Remember, you are not wearing knickers. Let me out of the car first." When I did eventually get out, I've never been so careful. Some of the more unscrupulous paparazzi shoot you very lowdown in the hope of getting an embarrassing shot which, if you are not careful, can go viral all over the world. Thankfully this time, my modesty stayed in tact and some of those fellas didn't get the cheesy snap they were looking.

Nothing wrong with a bit of side boob

The media love catching female celebs showing a bit of side boob. I am proud of my natural 32D boobs. A good sideboob can be a really classy way of showing that you have a great cleavage. One night I ended up showing lots of side boob was at Now magazine's Christmas party back in November. You can see the pictures here.

I really went for it in a bold white halter-neck peplum dress which Marilyn Monroe would have been proud of. Viewed from the side it exposed so much sideboob that lots of people were probably preparing themselves for a colossal wardrobe malfunction from yours truly. But I am girl who is always well prepared - I wasn't going to be giving anyone a fresh flash of my nipples! My main memory of that night was my hair - it was redder than the carpet at the Oscars. Not a great look.

Strap up with tit tape

Tit tape is vital if you don't want to end up revealing far more boob than a simple side view. I use it all the time - not just on my boobs by down below, too, if I am wearing a dress with a big split in it. You can tape the garment to your leg just to make sure you're not inadvertently giving an X-rated view when you arrive at an event. I use lots of the flesh-coloured tape around my boobs.

One occasions, I've even bolstered it with sellotape to be doubly sure. There is really no excuse for becoming a Page 3 girl by accident these days. I think occasionally when you see celebs where their nipple is accidentally when it is not an accident at all. It's a great way of attracting a few cheap headlines when your career is sagging faster than your bust!

Night I Got It Right

This was the Expendables premiere with Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham. I was lucky enough to have a dress made for me by one of Victoria Beckham's design team. It was a gorgeous white see-through lace dress which revealed lots but not too much. Needless to say, I went out without my knickers on again but I felt so, so sensual.

Oscars hit and misses

I love the Oscars and was up in the early hours scanning all the outfits and working out at hits and the misses. Some stars got it just right on the big night - and some got it so, so spectacularly wrong. Here are the winners and losers - you can check out pictures of most of the outfits here.

MISS Rita Awful I'm sorry but Rita Ora badly misfired. You are a lovely girl and you are totally brilliant on The Voice and an amazingly talented singer but you screwed up badly at the Oscars. How can I put this politely?

I can't - you looked like a slag! I know you were trying to bold but you were flashing way, way too much of your behind. It was pointless worrying about a VPL because you might just as well hae not covered your backside at all. No wonder you won the prize for the most revealing dress of the night - but revealing in the wrong way.


Irina Shayk - she showed Rita how to do it when you are really flashing the flesh. I thought her black cutaway dress was sensational. Most surprising thing about Irina is why the Real Madrid footballer Ronaldo let her get away - this Russian beauty is an absolute stunner.

MISS Miss Lady Gaga

We all know that she dresses to shock so she probably wore her outfit with the express purpose of ending up on the fashion miss list at the Oscars. But really, what was going through her mind when she she was putting that outfit together - particularly those red gloves. She looks like she is about to start cleaning the toilets!

HIT Gigi Hadid

Model Gigi Hadid shows you can be bold - and very sexy at the same time. I love her black gown which featured a sheer, lace and sequinned asymmetrical neckline with thigh-high slit and buckle details. Go girl. It's no wonder her boyfriend Cody Simpson was getting so amorous at Elton John's Aids Foundation Oscars After Party - he clearly couldn't wait to get a room!

MISS Scarlett Johansson

The Atelier Versace green dress is sensational, showing off her gorgeous curves to the maximum but she gets it all wrong with the matching necklace and that very menacing hair do. I'll probably get it in the neck from the PC-brigade but she looks like militant lesbian - not of our most sensual screen icons.

HIT Heidi Klum

The single life clearly suits 41-year-old Heidi because she looked sensational in a Versace gown at the Elton John party. Flashing lots of flesh but doing so in a way that was sexy and entirely appropriate for a mum-of-four who has never looked better. Who needs Seal? My biggest fashion fail of the night - Amy Willerton I am amazed she was there because she is not exactly A-list but Amy Willerton got it so wrong with her bubblegum pink gown at the Elton John party. She looks like a giant marshmallow in these pictures! She should have taken one look at herself in the mirror and said, 'I'm A Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here (I look bl**dy awful!).

My Body Beautiful

In my last blog I told you of my plans for a ten week body blitz to get in perfect shape for the summer. I am aiming to get the highly toned body of a Victoria's Secret model. I have started the prep for this - altering my diet and devising a new exercise regime with the team from Forza which will enable me to get tone up my body in record time and shed a few excess pounds.

I've crazily busy, too, on the work and home front and haven't done quite as much exercise as I had planned. Fear not, though, because I have Forza Raspberry K2s to keep me on the straight and narrow. They are like willpower in a bottle and if I ever feel like being naughty (with food, you dirty devils!) I take a Forza K2s and it stops me from succumbing to temptation.

Home Sweet Home

You'll all have read about me and my man - Scunthorpe United footballer Jordan Clarke. And there is big news on the home front from me - we've bought a house together. We are now proud owners of a lovely three-bed house in Doncaster. Jordan has put me in charge of all the interior design - so I am currently creating the perfect home for the two of us and my perfect pouch Harley. I've never been so happy.  

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