In seven weeks time I’m going to run the London marathon. British Heart Foundation got in touch with me and asked that I was one of their HeartRunners – it was a great privilege so of course I said yes.

But now I’ve actually got to do it and with only 40 days, 16 hours left to prep for a 26 mile run around the streets of the capital, it’s quite a daunting task. Also I have one other worry to deal with – my family have a history of heart disease, my father, uncle and grandmother all had problems with the old ticker and so I’m a bit concerned that I don’t keel over half way through. So I've been taking Forza LipoWhey protein during my training. LipoWhey contains plant sterols which are proven to reduce cholesterol levels which is a major plus for good heart health.

I’m having a protein shake every morning after my run. Quite a few protein powders have some dodgy additives which don’t mix well and taste pretty awful but the vanilla flavour LipoWhey tastes awesome and mixes well.

It’s an amazing way to support growth and maintain muscle mass, and it’s fat free. I mix mine up with coconut water, but it works perfectly well with milk or water. My post run smoothie is three scoops LipoWhey, 1 scoop Green Good Stuff, 1 scoop Flaxseed, and top up with coconut water to get the right consistency for you. At the moment I’m doing three runs a week. One long run 2 ½ hours long at a steady pace of 60-70% exertion – which is coming up to around 17-18 miles.

My other two runs are interval training, five minute sprints, one minute walk, which is repeated for 45 minutes, after which time I’m pretty exhausted. Food-wise, I’m having a Quest bar for a 11am snack, lunch is chicken, turkey or mackerel with brown rice and/or quinoa with edamame. Mid afternoon snack is almonds or cashew nuts, and dinner is a steak, beef or tuna, with quinoa and no sauce. So I’m eating pretty clean but I do allow a cheat day at the weekend with a pizza or a burger. And my evening indulgence is a bit of dark chocolate.

On top of that I’m keeping hydrated with about three litres of water a day. This week I did have one burn-out though. I went to a charity event for Many Hopes, that build homes and schools for boys and girls in Kenya. Actor Jack Guinness was hosting and invited me along and model Zara Martin was involved in the charity catwalk auction. I had a few too many glasses of red wine and ended up buying a Mary Katrantzou dress that Zara was modelling for the auction. I only raised my hand to wave hello to her and ended up getting the winning bid at £400. Well it’s all for a good cause but my girlfriend Emma is a size 6 and the dress is a 10. And I really don’t think it suits me…

All the best, Oliver Proudlock.