• TOWIE star weighed in at 12-and-a-half-stone at peak at 18
  • Crash dieted at 18 causing sagging skin
  • People thought excess skin was from having a child

Reality star Frankie Essex has opened up to FORZA about her troubles with dieting in the past. At her peak, Frankie weighed 12.5 stone when she was 18 and got stuck in a ‘big horrible cycle’ that saw her weight shoot up and down. The effects of yo-yo dieting where she lost three stone very quickly, left her with sagging skin around her tummy arms. “I lost the weight too quickly and without embracing a healthier lifestyle.”

“I was way too skinny and it left me with a lot of loose skin, particularly around my tummy.” “It was embarrassing because people mistakenly thought I’d previously had a child and the sagging skin was baby fat as a result of pregnancy.”

“It wasn’t at all – it was just down to diet. I’ve never had a child.” Frankie, 27 signed up with FORZA’s HIIT celebrity fitness trainer Ian Guildford to help break her yo-yo weight issues. Essex commented “I do feel like a new woman”

“I was panic-stricken when I first started working out with the trainer.”

“I didn’t think I would be able to cope and there were times when I was so worried about it that I had difficulty breathing.” “But once I got into a regular routine, I could really feel my life turning around. I now feel so much more confident and healthier.”

The TOWIE star also used FORZA Raspberry K2 diet pills. Frankie said “The FORZA K2’s made a big difference. They gave me more energy before my sessions with Ian and they sped up my metabolism.”

We think that Frankie has shown that by breaking the cycle that caused her continual weight gain and weight loss will provide her substantial long term health benefits.