I lost a stone in a month to prepare for Celebrity Big Brother by working with an expert team from Forza Supplements.

I wasn't happy with my shape after leaving Hollyoaks in the summer where I played Sinead O'Connor for six years.

I  completely overhauled my diet and started exercising six times a week. I went down from 9st to 8st in record time and you can see the transformation in these stunning before and after shots.

The key to my success was taking Forza's Shake It Slim, a meal replacement drink developed exclusively for Boots. It has 24 vitamins and minerals and is packed with protein for muscle retention, yet it contains just 204 calories.

I would have a Shake It Slim drink three times a week to accelerate my weight loss. Shake It Slim made such a difference.

Remember those days when you just know your weight loss is working and you really are getting thinner.

All my days were when I was taking Shake It Slim.

I used a second Forza product as part of my weight loss regime - Hydratrim. It is based on an ingredient called Glucomannan, which has been scientifically proven to reduce hunger cravings and lead to weight loss. I would take the Hydratrim capsules before meals and it really took my edge off my appetite.

It is also available at Boots. Check out my pictures below. I achieved all that in a month. That really is me in the before and after pictures - no airbrushing! steph_davis2   shake_it_slim_blog_ad Favourite Big Brother contestants of all time  For me, there are two who stand out - Kemal Shahin, the male Turkish belly dancer who starred in BB way back in 2005. Bisexual Kemal has now had gender reassignment surgery and is known as a woman called Zulekya. She has appeared on stage and in pantomime and judged beauty pageants like Miss Universe. I remember Kemal being a total legend on BB - TV gold.

My other favourite housemate has to be Nikki Grahame who first appeared in BB in 2006 and then returned for the 16th series in 2015 as a fully fledged celebrity. I used to love watching Nikki as a teenager - she was mad but nice mad, really-great-TV-mad.

She was even better nine years later when she came back. They should have a Nikki Grahame in every reality show. I love her. Obviously no Big Brother all-time list would be complete without Jade Goody.

I am bit young to remember her too well from when she first appeared in the show in 2002, but I recall her extraordinary bravery in the face of cancer and the efforts she made to raise money for her sons before her death. She is a legend. fav_cbb_contestants If you were single, who would you want alongside you in the CBB house?

That would have to be David Beckham (if he was single, too!). He is absolutely gorgeous. I've recently got three new tattoos but I've no plans to have as many as Becks. They look great on him.  

My most embarrassing moments

1. I remember sitting in my car with my dad listening to the radio and hearing about the extraordinary achievements of Ellen MacArthur, who broke the world record for sailing single handedly around the world in 2005, taking 71 days. I said to him: "What, she sailed all that way using only one hand! That is what, as 12-year-old girl, I thought they meant by single handedly. My dad thought it was so funny he rang up the local radio station to share the story. We still laugh about it as a family now!

2. We were filming a really harrowing scene for Hollyoaks about my character Sinead O'Connor's baby Katy dying. Out of nowhere a wasp appeared on the set and started chasing me all over the place. I was running away screaming my head off. It was so embarrassing.  

My all-time favourite stars

1. Best actress has to be Brittany Murphy, the American actress best-known for films like Clueless, 8 Mile, Sin City and Happy Feet who died aged just 32 three years ago. She was an astonishing talent who was taken from us far too young.

2. My other all-time favourite star is the comedian Steve Martin. Father of the Bride has to be one of the greatest films of all-time.

3. I'm all a huge fan of the Kardashians and the Keeping Up With The Kardashians TV show. Khloe is my favourite - she is hilarious. fav_celebs My hero

I am very close to all my family who mean the world to me. But a special place in my heart goes to be grandfather Albert Mulvaney who died in October last year. I have the date of his death tattooed on my wrist - 20/10/15 - as a permanent reminder of his place in my life. He was responsible more than anyone for me being an actress. He supported me every step of the way early on in my career - going to all my auditions and giving me the kind of TLC you really need when you are finding your way. I am still coming to terms with his death.  

Stephanie Davis is a brand ambassador for FORZA's brand new meal replacement Shake It Slim which is available at Boots and shake_it_slim_blog_ad