• Celebrity Big Brother star Casey has not had sex since the op
  • Hopes the first man to see her breasts will also be the last
  • Casey loves her ‘perkier’ new boobs after going down from 32GG to 32EE
  • The brunette reveals she is the thinnest she has ever been at 7-and-a-half stone despite not being able to exercise for six weeks after the op

Model Casey Batchelor has revealed that she is waiting to show off her new boobs to a man six weeks after undergoing a breast reduction.

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant told FORZA that she has not had sex since the op – where her ample assets were reduced from 32GG to 32EE. Casey took the decision to have the boob op after finding her assets were affecting her confidence. 

Casey said: "For the first time, I can now go out bra-less.”

"I no longer have to worry about my boobs wibbling and wobbling all over the place.”

"My boobs are so much perkier and I love them. They have given me so much more body confidence."

"Before the operation my boobs were so heavy that I would get sores in my neck when I wore a bikini because there was so much pressure on the straps.” "Now I can wear strapless bikinis and enjoy myself so much more on the beach."

The brunette revealed that she is now a super slim 7-and-half stone and lost  7lbs taking FORZA Raspberry K2 capsules to stop her getting into bad eating habits while she rested.

Model Casey Batchelor makes a splash in black swimsuit.[/caption] Casey explained: "It's been frustrating not being able to work out with my trainer while my new boobs settled in, so to speak.”

"So I was thrilled when I weighed myself and found I was still 7lbs lighter.”

"The FORZA Raspberry K2 capsules definitely made all the difference. They took the edge off my appetite just as I was reaching for the cookie jar and also sped up my metabolism.” "I am now the lightest I have ever been and love my new figure.”

"It was important that I lost the weight so that my body was in proportion with my new bust. You can carry a bit more fat when your boobs are bigger.”

"After your boobs have been reduced, everything else needs to get a bit smaller too."

We think Casey has always looked great – now she feels more confident in her own skin she looks even sexier!